Warhammer Skirmish

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Warhammer Skirmish was a supplemental rule system to Warhammer published in 2002 by Games Workshop.  It was intended to allow small scale battles that could be played independently with just a few models, or could also be intertwined in a Warhammer campaign.  The rules were essentially the same as Mordheim (1999), but without the campaign system present in Mordheim.

Warhammer Skirmish consisted of a single 48 page full color “booklet” (think small magazine).  In typical GW fashion, it has some wonderful scenery and miniature pics, as well as terrain modeling articles.  For several years, GW maintained a section on their website for Warhammer Skirmish that included additional scenarios and modeling tips.  All of this has since been removed, and both the original booklet and supporting web content are now difficult to find.  Below you can access both the original booklet, and a compendium of much of the web content that was subsequently published.

Warhammer Skirmish Booklet

Warhammer Skirmish Additional Scenarios

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  2. Awesome! Thanks much for hosting these files!

    Long live skirmish gaming!


  3. Thanks for posting these. Love your website :)

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