Nov 092012

New rules and supporting materials are available now on the main Mordheim Vampire Hunters Campaign page.

Click through for a quick overview of what changed!

This rules revision is probably the last for quite some time, as our campaign has now concluded (more on that soon)!

In 1.4 you will find:

  • New Exploration tables specific to the campaign.  Much more beneficial to players than using the Empire in Flames tables.  The maximum number of heroes that can explore after a Coffin Hunt is twelve, and the tables run from three-of-a-kind to seven-of-a-kind.  There are also some additional minor rules on how to modify dice for the explore roll, and scouts with unspent scout rerolls for the scenario can spend their rerolls here.
  • Serious injury results table has been modified to replace three entries.  Madness (Stupidity or Frenzy) is gone, as it seemed to “Mordheimy”.  In its place is “Bitten”.  Captured is gone and replaced with “Beguiled”.  “Sold to the Pits” is replaced with “Cornered”, a one on one duel with a Vampire, and the combat rules are a bit more explicit than the old Pit Fight to reduce debate as to how to conduct the melee.
  • There is a new rule to grant Strangulf benefits if an Influence Point increase is called for in an area that is already at max influence.  A Morale point is lost, and he may draw a new spell.
  • Similarly, there is a new optional rule to provide beneficial campaign effects when a Morale point increase is called for and Morale is already at max.
  • There is a new optional table to randomize Diedrich’s men (crossbowmen, etc.).
  • Random Treasure tables are now percentiles all the way through.
  • A new sub-category of Magic, “Trinkets,” has been added to Random Treasure tables.  Lucky Charm and Rabbit’s Foot along with a couple others live here, and this change will cause them to appear more frequently.  For such commonly sought after items, the original tables had them appearing a bit too rarely.
  • A number of new RT Magical Armor items have been added, where previously the only results were Ithilmar and Gromril, which was causing those two armor types to appear much too frequently.  There are some pretty simple and clever ones added, in my opinion:  A shield that can be used with heavy armor without movement penalty, and a helmet that grants a 3+ stun save instead of a 4+ one, for example.
  • Opulent Coach and Mordheim Map rules modified slightly for the campaign in the Items section.
  • Hellblaster Volley Guns and Mortars are described in the Siege section, with the former having significant modifications for skirmish style game.  These were added since there are Exploration Table results that can find them.
  • The Grave Guard core monster table has been modified to reduce the number appearing, and to make Senschal’s appear less frequently.
  • Spider poisonous bite now has a -1 to Armor Save.
  • Ghouls and Ghasts go to WS3 and their attacks are poisoned, with normal Armor Save applying.  Basically they are a bit nastier and more in line with current Warhammer rules than the Undead warband from original Mordheim.
  • The number of Worker Points that can accompany a hero on a Shopping Trip was raised from two to three.
  • Streetwise skill applies to WPs assigned to a hero with that skill when on a Shopping Trip.
  • WPs may now be assigned to a priest performing a priestly action, to gain them a +1 bonus to their difficulty check.

Several of the Quick Reference Guides were updated, so be sure to reprint those.  Also the Town/Day Actions board was updated to reflect some of the rules changes, so reprint that one as well!



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  1. I’m eagerly waiting for the conclusion battle report 😀

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