Nov 082009

First finished board

I’m working on four grassland terrain boards in anticipation of our next Mordheim campaign, which will be an Empire in Flames campaign.  Each board is two foot by four foot dense packing stryofoam, two inches thick.  I bought the foam about six years ago, mounted them on fibreboard and carved them about two years ago, and until about a month ago they’d been rattling around in my basement gathering cowbwebs.  So you get a sense of how fast I work.  I’ve now hauled them up into the house and have to finish them before my wife loses patience.  The first one is done.  Its only interesting terrain feature is a pond, which you see in the pic with only about half the water (Envirotex Light) poured into it.

The surface was covered with hydrocal tinted brown, except for the roads which were done with spackling compound and a little sand.  I painted the roads, then incrementally sprayed contact cement over the rest of the surface and covered with flocking material of various colors and sizes.  Scenery cement was liberally applied on top of the flock over a series of days.  The pond bed was painted, then the envirotex added in about three layers.  The first layer had a green tint done with paint, so that it dried cloudy but still translucent.  The second layer had just  hint of tint, the last layer was clear.  Black duct tape was added around the edges to give it a finished look.  I still need to add a sealant over the top of everything after the pond has dried fully.

Next week, onto the second board.  This one is also light on terrain features, with only a single rounded hill and roads.  The last two boards will be quite a bit more challenging.  One has a road ascending into a mountainous area, the other has hills and a creek running through it.

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  1. Finish the other three before the Christmas holidays. I want to play on them.

  2. Hope to see soon more “Mortheim-Reports” :)

    Regards from Germany,


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