Apr 232008

We finally started out Mordheim Campaign this past weekend! I am playing Bretonnians, my brother-in-law Michael Kingsbury is playing Lizardmen, and our friend Michael Stamps is playing the Adventurers from the Karak Azgal rules. In our first weekend of play, we got in six campaign turns and six combat scenarios. Continue reading »

Feb 292008

I’ve been working on some extended campaign rules for Mordheim recently, and a first draft is complete. It’s a map-based campaign where player warbands will move through the areas of Mordheim attempting to collect a set of very powerful wyrdstone shards before Skaven NPC warbands beat them to it.


The campaign rules can be found here. The map above (click to see full size) was published by GW, but I have edited it for map-based campaign play.

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Feb 142008

Usually when I play Mordheim, I just get in a few days worth of games on holidays or weekends with gaming friends. This year I hope to run an extended Mordheim campaign for my friends. We mostly play cooperatively against monsters, so this campaign will be skewed towards that play style.

The basic idea will be a race to recover fragments of a particularly powerful wyrdstone node. The player warbands will be competing against four Skaven warbands, one for each clan. Of all the Warhammer races the Skaven are probably my favorite. I think it goes back to the Lankhmar novella with the underground city of the rats.

Here are the four assembled Skaven warbands, along with spare models to throw in as they recruit during the campaign. Lots of painting to do here; we’ll probably start playing before I get much done on that front.