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A rousing day defense of Nachtdorf, repeated and determined assaults on Hugel Friedhoff and Schattenturm, a few valiant defenders fall, and more! Click through for the gory details as our Vampire Hunters campaign continues!

Bear-tamer Martin and the Dwarves gain the cemetery
Bear-tamer Martin and the Dwarves gain the cemetery

Campaign Day 11

With the majority of the heroes out hunting for Strangulf’s coffin in Schattenturm (unsuccessfully – see last report), Nachtdorf was left with only around thirty defenders against a surprise daytime attack by the vampire’s forces.  The attacking forces totaled almost forty, including five Giant Spiders, eight Skeletons, a Skeleton Captain, four Grave Guard plus a Seneschal, a Giant Skeleton, two Fell Bats, three Ghouls, five Zombies and a Zombie Totem-Bearer, a Dire Wolf and a Cairn Wraith.  These forces were led by two Minor Vampires, the Varghulf, and Zombie Lord Ash.

Despite low numbers, the forces defending Nachtdorf repelled the assault, with three of Captain Diedrich’s men and one Town Militiaman going Out of Action.  Only one of Diedrich’s Spearmen of these warriors proved to be a fatalilty, and was respectfully buried on a small hill outside town.  Morale improved with this victory, rising to seven out of ten.

Campaign Night 11

With the fall of the eleventh night, the Vampire Forces event proved to be Eerie Envoys, gaining them Full Influence in the Bachmeir Baurenhoff campaign area.  This caused Morale to fall back to five of ten, and also made the special model Kalt Magritte, a particularly powerful Banshee, available to the Vampire Forces.  Since the heroes already have destroyed Strangulf’s coffin in that game area, we will be unlikely to see Magritte until another Town Attack.

Two more bitten were found during the night as well, one of them a townie and the other Sgt. Lowenherz of the Town Milita, for a total of nine suffering from vampire bites including Lowenherz and Henchsister Nadja of my Sisters of Sigmar.  Morale dropped to four with the discovery of Lowenherz’ malaise.

Campaign Day 12

The Day Event was a peddler seeking temporary shelter in the town’s walls.  The heroes stocked up on a few common items and Blessed Water from his wares, then decided to send out two forces for the first time.  One group would search the cemetery of Hugel Friedhoff, while the other would make another trip to Schattenturm.

The raid on Schattenturm failed to turn up Strangulf’s coffin again, but a fair amount of loot was found, along with two Minor Vampires located and staked successfully.  Sister Emmaline, Luka and Serjei of the Kislevites, and Trollslayer IDieSoon were all taken Out of Action during the exploration of the dungeon under the tower, but all recovered and made it back to Nachtdorf.  With some lucky rolls for the staked vampires, Morale went up to six as a result of this expedition.

During the day in town, Father Jonas successfully healed the bitten Sgt. Lowenherz, raising Morale back up to seven.  A Rosewood Stake was produced and given to Kislevite Luka, and the Halfling Scouts located a few supplies of use to the heroes, including a Lucky Charm.

The Shopping Trip expedition returned at the end of the day as well.  They rolled into town to cheers with a new Hired Sword:  Natalya, a deadly looking female Kislevite Ranger assigned to the Dwarves warband.  New faces also included:

  • Katarina, a new hench-sister for the Sisters.
  • Alex, a new warrior for the Kislevites.
  • The striking Vladamir, a new and inexperienced Captain for the Kislevites.  (we allow Captain replacement hires)

Along with new recruits, the wagon rolling into town was loaded with much needed supplies, including Blessed Water, slings for the militia, a pile of Rope and Hooks (too bad these weren’t available before the coffin hunters went out in the morning), and extra weapons and armor.

But before these new recruits rolled into town, the party exploring Hugel Friedhoff had an adventure!  Here’s our full battle report!

Setup, Hugel Friedhoff Day 12

A subplot for this scenario started things off with excitement!  The “Hunt for Dark Magic” scenario was rolled, which includes a Necromancer and supporting troops searching coffins for a tome of value to Strangulf.  If the Necromancer finds the tome, Strangulf may draw two Campaign Spells.  The Necromancer, with his four Zombies, a Zombie Totem-Bearer, and a Skeleton began in the northeast, in a small wood close to the large hilltop cemetery.

The layout consisted of a four foot wide by six foot long play area, with a river crossing the center of the layout.  To the west of the the river lay a small hill with a ruin, and then a wider hill leading up and out of the play area.  To the east of the river hulked the tall hill with several elevations on which the cemetery sprawled, along with some sparse woods surrounding several approaches to the hill.

Other starting Vampire Forces in the area included:

  • Four Ghouls and a Ghast led by a Minor Vampire at the center of the hilltop cemetery in the east.
  • Four Giant Rats with a Necromancer in the middle of the bridge crossing to the west face of the cemetery.
  • Two Ghouls and a Ghast holed up in a small ruin on a hill in the west.
  • A single Fell Bat cruising in from the northwest corner.
  • Three Grave Guard in the southwest.

The players came onto the map mostly along the east edge, with the main force to the northeast near an access road leading up to the cemetery.  This group consisted of the Kislevite Bear-tamer Martin and his bear, Dwarf Captain Big Boss with his recently acquired wardog Snow White, Dwarf Engineer Sparks, Dwarf Trollslayer KillMeNow, Hench-Sisters Simone and Winifred, promoted hero Sister Veronica, and the Sisters’ wardog Brother Woof.

The Augur Sister Anne and Kislevite promoted hero Misha snuck on the southeast edge by themselves, in a small wood near a coffin location.

NPC Scout Gustav and Kislevite Cossack Stepan also snuck onto the board, but in the southwest far from any allies.  Their purpose was to search two possible coffin locations in the southwest without attracting unwanted attention.

A Vampire and Ghouls guard the hilltop cemeteryA Vampire and Ghouls guard the hilltop cemetery
A Vampire and Ghouls guard the hilltop cemetery

Player Turn 1 (scenario expiration roll total:  3 out of 35)

Most of the allies in the east remained stationary and took shots at exposed enemies.  Dwarf Engineer Sparks sighted down his crossbow at the Necromancer’s Zombies creeping along the edge of a wood, and took two of them Out of Action with crisp, precision fire.

The Sisters in the east were understandably less successful with their slings, sending stones rattling off trees near the remaining Zombies.  Martin of the Kislevites kept his bear at bay and took shots at the Minor Vampire at the top of the hill cemetery, missing once and hitting but failing to wound the second time.

The two small groups searching for coffins near the edges of the play area both failed to locate the coffins on the first turn.

Vampire Forces Turn 1

For reinforcements, a couple of Zombies wandered onto the board in the north, and another Necromancer with a Fear spell crept onto the board in the southeast, near the wood that Sister Anne and Misha were quietly searching for a coffin.

The Minor Vampire in the cemetery gathered his Ghouls and headed down the access road towards the stinking human that had fired at him.  The Dark Magic subplot Necromancer took a Skeleton with him and headed for the cemetery, a great source of coffins for him to search.  He ordered his remaining Zombies to assault the allies to the east that had just fired on them, hopefully buying him time to complete his mission.

The Necromancer wandering in the southeast got his Fear spell off, and the Necromancer on the bridge headed west with his Rats.  Remaining undead packs wandered about aimlessly, with no enemy in direct sight.

Necromancer and Rats patrol the center bridgeNecromancer and Rats patrol the center bridge
Necromancer and Rats patrol the center bridge

Player Turn 2  (expiration 4/35)

Bear-tamer Martin held his ground and fired on one of the Ghouls heading down the road from the cemetery hill, sending it Out of Action.  The Sisters also held their ground and fired on the approaching Zombies, failing to damage any of them.  Sparks also failed to wound any of the Zombies.

Big Boss, KillMeNow, and wardog Snow White headed towards the access road to meet the ghouls and Minor Vampire.

Sister Anne and Misha failed to locate their coffin, but Gustav and Stepan in the southwest unearthed their coffin, discovering a Vampire resting place currently empty except for a few random treasures.

Vampire Forces Turn 2

During the reinforcements phase, two more Zombies shambled onto the board in the south.

The Minor Vampire led his Ghouls down the cemetery hill access road, now in sight of the Dwarves coming up the hill.  The Necromancer on the Dark Magic hunt and his Skeleton reached the northeast edge of the hill, and prepared to climb up to a small crypt on a lower elevation next turn.

Grave Guard in the southwest continued to patrol, unaware of Gustav and Stepan looting a coffin on a nearby hill.  The Necromancer on the bridge moved Rats back towards the cemetery, perhaps hearing something from the other side of the hill.  The line of Zombies in the east continued their shambling advance towards the Sisters and Sparks.

Necromancer on the Dark Magic quest preparing to climb up to a cryptNecromancer on the Dark Magic quest preparing to climb up to a crypt
Necromancer on the Dark Magic quest preparing to climb up to a crypt
Vampire rushes the alliesVampire rushes the allies
Vampire rushes the allies
Zombie diversionary forceZombie diversionary force
Zombie diversionary force

Player Turn 3  (expiration 6/35)

KillMeNow screamed oaths and charged the leading Ghoul in the undead force moving down the cemetery road, with Big Boss more discretely moving up behind him.   The Ghoul was shredded to pieces by KillMeNow’s manic assault, while Bear-tamer Martin, still at the base of the hill took a bow-shot at the Minor Vampire in the back, but failed to hit.

The Sisters and Sparks opened up on the Zombies again, with Sparks taking one out and Veronica knocking one down.

Sister Anne and Misha remained hidden from the nearby and newly fearful Necromancer, and located their coffin.  Sadly, it proved to be empty.

In the southwest, Gustav and Stepan crouched behind a boulder and prepared to climb down from their hill on the next turn.

Vampire Forces Turn 3

Two Ghouls and a Bat entered the area from the northwest, with no opponents in sight.

On the hillside cemetery, the Vampire snarled and counter-charged KillMeNow, but his only hit was parried by the frenzied spittle-spraying Trollslayer, who then knocked the Vampire Out of Action with his gleeful barrage of return strikes.

The two remaining Zombies in the east advanced slowly towards the Sisters and Sparks, while the Dark Magic subplot Necromancer failed to climb the hill up to the cemetery – although his minion Skeleton did manage to scramble up.  In the southwest, patrolling undead still failed to spot Gustav and Stepan.

Shhh.  Be very quiet.Shhh. Be very quiet.
Shhh. Be very quiet.
Vampire charges Dwarves!Vampire charges Dwarves!
Vampire charges Dwarves!
It's a very slow charge...It's a very slow charge...
It's a very slow charge...

Player Turn 4  (expiration 9/35)

In the southwest, Gustav and Stepan attempted to quietly climb down from their hill.  A foothold suddenly gave way, and Gustav tumbled down the slope, reaching out to balance himself and dragging Stepan with him.  Both slid noisily down the slope, with Gustav stunning himself.  Nearby Grave Guard turned towards them.

Kislevite Martin continued to provide missile support for the Dwarves advancing up to the cemetery, putting a bolt through the neck of a Ghast and sending it tumbling down the slope and Out of Action.  Big Boss charged a Ghoul, but they fought to a standoff.  Trollslayer KillMeNow, in a state of killing bliss, was more successful, charging another unfortunate Ghoul and slicing it to bleeding ribbons.

To the east of the cemetery hill, the Sisters and Sparks fired at the remaining Zombies.  Sparks missed, but Sister Winifred bounced a stone off a the Totem-Bearer’s skull, knocking it down.  Sister Veronica charged the remaining Zombie and took it Out of Action in a hail of hammer blows.

In the southeast, Misha and Anne came out of their cover to attack the nearby wandering Necromancer.  Anne failed her fear test (twice) an was delayed a turn.  Misha landed his charge, but the Necro spun around and struck at Misha with his spear,  sliding off Misha’s armor.  Misha gritted his teeth and struck a blow that took the Necromancer out of the battle.

Vampire Forces Turn 4

During reinforcements, two Ghouls led by a Ghast lurched onto the board looking for food near a large ruined building north of the river.  Two additional Ghouls appeared out of a wood almost on top of Sister Anne and Misha just to the south of the river.

Big Boss finished off the last of the Ghouls on the east access road leading to the cemetery, clearing the way up the hill for the allies behind them.  The Zombie Totem-Bearer in the northeast struggled to its feet and advanced towards the Sisters.

The Grave Guard in the southwest raced towards the fallen Stepan and Gustav.  The Necromancer leading the Rats continued towards the west side of the cemetery, while the Dark Magic subplot Necromancer finally made it up a rocky slope to join his Skeleton and enter a crypt in the northwest corner of the cemetery.

Gustav and Stepan in some troubleGustav and Stepan in some trouble
Gustav and Stepan in some trouble
Hunting for a tome of Dark MagicHunting for a tome of Dark Magic
Hunting for a tome of Dark Magic

Player Turn 5  (expiration 10/35)

Misha and Anne each charged one of the Ghouls that has surprised them, with Misha decapitating his Ghoul with an axe blow.

The Sisters, Brother Woof, and Snow White gang-charged the Zombie Totem-bearer, with Sister Simone being the one to dispatch it with a dagger into its brain.

Stepan, attempting to save the still recovering Gustav, bravely charged the forward most Grave Guard in the southwest and knocked it down.

Big Boss, blood-spattered KillMeNow, and Martin, their path now clear, moved towards the main cemetery on the hill.

Stepan's valiant standStepan's valiant stand
Stepan's valiant stand
Sisters getting stuck into Zombie Totem-BearerSisters getting stuck into Zombie Totem-Bearer
Sisters getting stuck into Zombie Totem-Bearer

Vampire Forces Turn 5

For reinforcements, four Skeletons with a Captain rose from rubble near the center of the board, to the west of the river.  A Grave Guard Seneschal entered from the east, behind the Sisters and Sparks.  Another Fell Bat entered play near where Stepan was struggling with the Grave Guard.

The Ghoul attacking Sister Anne to the east of the river failed to lay its claws on her, and she took it out with a crack from her steel whip.

In the southwest, one of the Grave Guard rose to its feet, one charged Stepan, and the other went after the fallen Gustav.  Stepan desperately fended off his opponent, and got an axe strike through the armor of one of them in reply and took it Out of Action.  Unfortunately, behind him, the Grave Guard ambushing Gustav took him out of the battle.  Stepan was now all alone on the west side of the area.

The Dark Magic Necromancer and his Skeleton failed to locate the coffin hidden in the northwest corner of the cemetery.

Sister Anne dancing with a GhoulSister Anne dancing with a Ghoul
Sister Anne dancing with a Ghoul

Player Turn 6  (expiration 12/35)

In the northeast, Sparks, Brother Woof, and Snow White all attempted to charge the lone Grave Guard Seneshcal that had appeared behind their lines, but only Brother Woof passed his Leadership test and came to grips.  The fight would stalemate this turn.  The Sisters pushed forward to the west, attempting to catch up with the Necromancer advancing the Dark Magic subplot.

Sister Anne and Misha, now free of opponents, moved to the southwest corner of the cemetery hill, preparing to climb next turn and provide additional support for coffin searches in the recently cleared area.  Up on the hill, the Dwarves advanced up stairs cut in the rock to the uppermost crypt, and Martin and his Bear moved towards the large, fenced cemetery.

In the southwest, Stepan passed his All Alone test and took out the second Grave Guard with his axe, leaving only the one that had dispatched Gustav standing.

Bear-tamer Martin and the Dwarves gain the cemeteryBear-tamer Martin and the Dwarves gain the cemetery
Bear-tamer Martin and the Dwarves gain the cemetery
Counter-assault by Grave GuardCounter-assault by Grave Guard
Counter-assault by Grave Guard
Stepan all by his lonesomeStepan all by his lonesome
Stepan all by his lonesome

Vampire Forces Turn 6

During reinforcements, a couple more Zombies wandered in from the southeast.  Four Zombies entered in the northeast wood, directly in front of the Sisters attempting to catch up with the Dark Magic subplot Necromancer.

At the main cemetery, the Necromancer of the Rats led his force up the hill in an attempt to defend the hidden coffins.  He sent a Rat charging into Big Boss and also fired his LifeStealer spell unsuccessfully at the Dwarf Captain.  Big Boss unloaded with his pistol on the charging Rat and splattered it across the hillside.

In the northeast, wardog Brother Woof managed to get the Grave Guard Seneshcal down on its knees, then ripped its bony head from its shoulders.

In the southwest, the Grave Guard that had done for Gustav charged Stepan, who for the third time in a row took it apart with his axe.

Necromancer and Rats assault cemeteryNecromancer and Rats assault cemetery
Necromancer and Rats assault cemetery
Big Boss spars with a RatBig Boss spars with a Rat
Big Boss spars with a Rat
Look, more Zombies!Look, more Zombies!
Look, more Zombies!

Player Turn 7  (expiration 15/35)

At the main cemetery, Big Boss maneuvered up the hill to get a shot at the Necromancer, blasting him out of action with his second pistol.  KillMeNow chortled and charged a couple of the Rats, taking one out and knocking the other down.  Martin moved to search a coffin, while directing his bear to assist Big Boss by charging another of the Rats.

Sister Anne and Misha both successfully climbed up the south cliff-face of the cemetery hill, with speedy Anne making into a crypt to search for a coffin.  Anne would not locate her coffin this turn, but Martin, at the other end of the cemetery, unearthed a coffin with a sleeping Minor Vampire!

In northeast, the Sisters along with wardogs Brother Woof and Snow White charged into the Zombies that had appeared in the woods in front of them, with Dwarf Engineer Sparks huffing and puffing to bring up the rear.  Sister Simone knocked a Totem-bearer down, with Veronica administering the coup-de-grace and taking it Out of Action.

In the southwest, Stepan, alone and perhaps unwisely, took a bow shot at a nearby Fell Bat.  He missed, but drew its attention.

Martin investigates a coffin locationMartin investigates a coffin location
Martin investigates a coffin location
Sisters on Zombie eradication dutySisters on Zombie eradication duty
Sisters on Zombie eradication duty

Vampire Forces Turn 7

During reinforcements, two new Necromancers entered play for the Vampire Forces.  One lonely fellow came in on the west side of the board, the other appeared very near Sparks and the Sisters in the northeast.

The Dark Magic Necromancer and his Skeleton finally located the coffin in the small crypt in the northwest corner of the cemetery, but the Tome of Dark Magic was not within it.  The two positioned themselves to climb down from the hill next turn and move towards a possible coffin on the banks of the center river, leaving the fight for the main cemetery to the Rats.

The Giant Rats swarming the main cemetery hill continued to fight despite the loss of their Necromancer, and charged KillMeNow.  Martin’s Bear continued to spar with a Rat, striking a blow with one of its claws and knocking the Rat down.  KillMeNow, almost slipping on gore, splattered one Giant Rat and knocked another one down.

In the northeast, Zombies counter-charged the Sisters in the wood.   Sisters Simone and Veronica both handily took the lumbering Zombies flailing at them out, while doggie Snow White knocked over the Zombie assaulting it.

In the southwest, the Fell Bat swooped down on stalwart Stepan.   Stepan’s armor protected him from the Fell Bat’s bites, and he countered with a wound from his axe.  The new Necromancer to the north of this fight attempted to climb down a cliff-face and fell, taking himself Out of Action.

Aha!  A sleeping Vampire!Aha! A sleeping Vampire!
Aha! A sleeping Vampire!
Zombie fight continuesZombie fight continues
Zombie fight continues

Player Turn 8  (expiration 16/35)

In the northeast, Sparks cranked back on his crossbow and fired two bolts at the new Necromancer, hitting but failing to wound.  Sister Veronica also bounced a stone off the Necromancers apparently very tough skull without wounding.  In the woods, Snow White, a bit grossed out by the smell, failed to take out the knocked down Zombie.

In the cemetery, Martin’s Bear cleverly passed its stupidity test for being out of range of its handler (read:  we forgot to make it), and the bear and KillMeNow dispatched a Rat each.  Martin, looking down at the still sleeping Minor Vampire and realizing he was not currently carrying a Rosewood Stake, called for the Augur Sister Anne.  The two exchanged places, with Martin moving into the crypt on the southeast edge and Anne moving adjacent to the Minor Vampire coffin and readying her stake.

Stepan, in the southwest, passed his All Alone test (read:  we forgot to make it), but his struggle with the Fell Bat this turn was a stalemate.

Sister Anne takes Vampire-staking dutiesSister Anne takes Vampire-staking duties
Sister Anne takes Vampire-staking duties
Kislevites search the next coffinKislevites search the next coffin
Kislevites search the next coffin

Vampire Forces Turn 8

During reinforcements, a new Minor Vampire entered play from the northeast edge, behind the Sisters and Sparks but out of charge range.

In the cemetery, the Dark Magic Necromancer and his Skeleton both slipped and fell down from their perch, ending up knocked down at the base of the northwest corner of the hill.  On the main hill above them, two more Rats unwisely charged Trollslayer KillMeNow – failing to bite him and with one getting taken Out of Action, the other Knocked Down.

To the north of the cemetery, the new Necromancer near the Sisters cast his Doom spell, but failed to get it off.  The Zombie beset by Snow White clambered to its feet.

In the southwest, the Bat finally got through Stepan’s armor with a bite, stunning him.

Player Turn 9  (expiration 20/35)

In the main cemetery, the Trollslayer slaughtered the last of the Giant Rats, his gray beard now saturated with rat gore.  Sister Anne, despite being blind, somehow sensed the open-eyed stare of the sleeping Minor Vampire, and could not summon the necessary willpower to hammer her stake home (two failed Leadership tests!).

Martin and Misha failed to locate the coffin in the southern crypt of the cemetery.  The bear, no longer needed for Rat duty, hustled across the cemetery to rejoin Martin before any powers-that-be might remember to take Stupidity tests for it.

In the northeast, Sister Veronica charged the Doom Necromancer and stove in his face with her hammer, sending him Out of Action.  Sparks fired on the new Minor Vampire advancing on their rear, but failed to wound.  The rest of the Sisters, finally free of Zombies, ran to catch up with the Dark Magic Necromancer.  If he made it over the river, there would be a number of coffins for him to search with impunity.

In the southwest, one-man-army Stepan groggily rolled over onto his back, only to have the Fell Bat land on his chest and bite viciously twice.  Somehow, both bites failed to get through Stepan’s armor, and he would survive the turn.

Another Vampire ambushes Sparks!Another Vampire ambushes Sparks!
Another Vampire ambushes Sparks!

Vampire Forces Turn 9

At the beginning of the turn, the sleeping Minor Vampire, in fact a Vampiress, woke up!  She rose from her coffin and struck viciously at the still frozen Sister Anne,  fortunately failing to wound her.  Anne, jarred out of her stupor, struck back with her whip and wounded the Vampiress once.

The Dark Magic Necromancer and his Skeleton pulled themselves up from the ground and stumbled toward the river, away from the cemetery hill.  Seeing the pursuing Sisters, the Necromancer attempted unsuccessfully to hurl a Spell of Doom at them.

The new Minor Vampire charged Sparks and Brother Woof, who were still acting as the Sisters’ rear guard.  The Vamp failed to do any damage, and was taken Out of Action in return.  A bit to the west in the woods, a Zombie and Snow White continued to circle one another, with no damage to either.

In the southwest, the Fell Bat, now changing its perch to the Knocked Down Stepan’s head, bit twice more.  Again, both strikes failed to take the stubborn Cossack out!

The sleeping Vampire awakes before Anne can drive home her stakeThe sleeping Vampire awakes before Anne can drive home her stake
The sleeping Vampire awakes before Anne can drive home her stake
Dark Magic hunt continues - a race to the next coffinDark Magic hunt continues - a race to the next coffin
Dark Magic hunt continues - a race to the next coffin
Minor Vampire and Brother Woof struggleMinor Vampire and Brother Woof struggle
Minor Vampire and Brother Woof struggle

Player Turn 10  (expiration 23/35)

On the cemetery hill, Martin ordered his bear to reinforce Sister Anne while KillMeNow descended carved stairs towards the crypt the Dark Magic Necromancer had searched earlier.  Big Boss maneuvered on the hill for a shot at the fleeing Dark Magic Necromancer.

Unfortunately, the bear failed its Fear test, and Sister Anne was left solo on the woken Minor Vampiress.  In the exchange of blows, Sister Anne was stunned.  In fact, the Bear did not need to make a Fear test (they are immune).  Oops!  Possibly this made up for the Stupidity tests we had failed to make earlier.

To the north of the cemetery, Sparks charged the Zombie in the woods that wardog Snow White had been toying with for several turns.  All parties in this small melee failed not to harm one another once again.

To the west of the cemetery, Sisters Simone and Winifred raced ahead of the Dark Magic Necromancer, cutting him off from his target coffin and the river.  Sister Veronica charged into his flanking Skeleton, knocking it down.  From the hill, a loud blast as Big Boss took his shot at long range and vaporized the Dark Magic Necromancer’s head.

In the southwest, Stepan made his All Alone test and finally made it back to his feet.  Dodging yet another pair of attacks from the Fell Bat that had been attempting to eat him for two turns, he grimly struck back.  His axe blow clove through its head, and Stepan had taken his fourth Vampire Forces enemy Out of Action!  Not a friendly face within sight of the determined Cossack.

Sisters Winifred and Simone located the coffin the Necromancer had been rushing for, and discovered some loot.  On the large hill, Martin and Misha also located a coffin in a crypt, theirs also containing some treasure.

Sisters intercept NecromancerSisters intercept Necromancer
Sisters intercept Necromancer

Vampire Forces Turn 10

During reinforcements, another Fell Bat entered play.  Where should it appear, but right in front of the grim Stepan.  Fortunately, it could not charge on the turn it entered play.  A small group of Ghouls scrambled up to a coffin on a small hill to the east of Stepan’s location.

On the cemetery hill, the Minor Vampiress glared at the approaching bear and struck the stunned Sister at her feet, taking Anne Out of Action (the second of our heroes to fall so far).

To the west of the cemetery, Sister Veronica struck down the Skeleton she was engaged with.

The awoken Vampire stuns Sister AnneThe awoken Vampire stuns Sister Anne
The awoken Vampire stuns Sister Anne
Ghouls looking for foodGhouls looking for food
Ghouls looking for food

Player Turn 11  (expiration 24/35)

KillMeNow entered the small crypt the Dark Magic Necromancer had searched earlier, but failed to locate the coffin.  Up the hill from him in the cemetery, the Bear failed again to charge the Vampiress, but Big Boss caught her with a blast from one of his pistols and knocked her to the ground.

To the north, Snow White, Sparks, and a Zombie continued to miss one another in the tangled foliage of the small wood.  The Sisters to their west began falling back to the cemetery.

In the southwest, Stepan backed away from the newly arrived Fell Bat and took a shot at it with his bow.  Scoring a critical hit, he took one wound from the Bat and knocked it down, saving himself from a charge during the next turn.

Vampire Forces Turn 11

During reinforcements, some Grave Guard and Strangulf’s chief Necromancer Bonecaller entered play, but in the center west  well away from any heroes.  Four Giant Rats also entered play, these just behind the fight in the woods between the Zombie, Sparks, and Snow White.
At the cemetery, the Vampiress retreated.  The Fell Bat in the southwest shook itself off the ground and leaped back into the air towards Stepan.
In the woods melee, Snow White managed to knock down the Zombie.
Sparks outnumberedSparks outnumbered
Sparks outnumbered

Player Turn 12  (expiration 30/35)

Big Boss took another shot at the retreating Minor Vampiress, taking her Out of Action.  Martin, Misha, and the bear moved towards Big Boss, along with the Sisters approaching from the west.
In the northern woods, Sparks elected to ignore the fallen Zombie, trusting Snow White to finish it off.  He took two shots with his crossbow at the Giant Rats, managing to take one Out of Action with each shot!  Snow White, however, once again failed to dispatch the fallen Zombie – clearly just not caring for the smell of Zombies at all.
Stepan took another shot with his bow, again knocking down the Fell Bat in the southwest and delaying its charge.
KillMeNow finally located the hidden coffin in the small crypt he was searching, finding a Heavy Treasure coffin!  Covered with gore and loot running through his hands, the Trollslayer almost forgot his former crimes.
Vampiress retreatsVampiress retreats
Vampiress retreats
Sisters reinforce the hillSisters reinforce the hill
Sisters reinforce the hill

Vampire Forces Turn 12

In the northern woods, the Giant Rats charged Dwarven Engineer Sparks, and the Zombie stood up against Snow White.  Sparks and the Rats fought to a standoff, but Snow White finally took the long-lasting Zombie out of play.  The Fell Bat threatening Stepan cursed in Batesian and picked itself up off the ground again.

Player Turn 13  (expiration 32/35)

Snow White charged into the Rats besetting Sparks, knocking one down.  Sparks and the other Rat failed to land any blows.  Allied forces in the cemetery moved towards the large crypt on the tallest hill.
In the southwest, Stepan fired at the Bat for the third time, this time failing to wound it.
Heading for the highest cryptHeading for the highest crypt
Heading for the highest crypt

Vampire Forces Turn 13

During reinforcements, two Ghouls and two Ghasts entered play very close to Stepan, but fortunately would not be able to charge this turn – possibly the last of the Vampire Forces turn depending on the next roll of the expiration die.

The Fell Bat in the southwest gleefully charged the infuriating human that had been knocking it over with its stinking missiles for several turns.  Stepan managed to avoid its blows, surviving another turn.

In the northeast, the Giant Rats hit and wounded Sparks, but the Engineers heavy armor blocked the blows.  Sparks struck a stunning blow to one of the Rats in return.  Snow White whiffed.

Sparks and Snow White hold outSparks and Snow White hold out
Sparks and Snow White hold out

Player Turn 14  (expiration 38/35)

With the scenario expiration count finally exceeding thirty-five, this would be the last turn.
Sparks ended the life of the stunned Rat, and Snow White stunned the remaining one.
The heroes reaching the uppermost crypt in the cemetery failed to locate the coffin hidden there.  Since this was the last turn, we checked its contents anyway, and it was one of the empties.
In the southwest, Stepan passed his All Alone test again.  The Bat struck first and hit him twice, but failed to do any damage.  Stepan landed an axe blow and stunned the Bat in return, heroically surviving the scenario.
Searching the last crypt before sundownSearching the last crypt before sundown
Searching the last crypt before sundown

After Action Summary

Gustav and Sister Anne were the only two allied warriors taken Out of Action.  Both rolled the Full Recovery result.

Since the heroes lasted the Coffin Hunt until the expiration, they were able to count the scenario as a victory, gaining a Morale point for the town (now at eight).  A total of six coffins were located and searched, but sadly none of them had been Strangulf’s coffin in the area.  We would need to return to Hugel Friedhoff.

Three Minor Vampires were taken Out of Action, giving us a 1 in 3 chance for each to have slain them, which could result in Influence Points being removed from the Hugel Friedhoff game area.  Unfortunately, none of the three were fatalities.  We rolled our exploration results and resolved random treasures, and returned with our spoils to Nachtdorf.


Campaign Night 12

With all the allied forces reunited in town, along with the new faces of the recent recruits, we anxiously awaited for what the night would bring.

The Night Event was “Feast of Souls”, which added Vampire Influence to Hugel Friedhoff (total of two) and Schattenturm, which was already at Full Influence and caused Morale to drop back down by one to seven.  Also, the card has an effect which lasts for the duration of the campaign:  All Necromancers have an extra wound, and are treated as if they have a Lucky Charm.

None of those bitten by Vampires turned during the night, but by the time morning struck three more were found to be lethargic due to bites:  two townies, and the new Hired Sword Natalya.  Sister Nadja had not been healed on the previous day, so she too was still bitten and barricaded away in a guarded room.

Campaign Day 13

With the dawn of day thirteen, the allies decided to send out two patrols once again.  We would return to both areas futilely searched for Strangulf’s coffins the previous day:  Hugel Friedhoff and SchattenTurm’s dungeon.

In town, the majority of the remaining defenders rested.  Father Jonas and Father McManus both attempted to heal bitten, but both failed their difficulty checks, leaving us with eleven total bitten including the new Ranger Natalya and Henchsister Nadja.

Sister Isolde, nominally in charge of the town’s defense, and Burgermeister Kaufmann had better luck directing the fashioning of Rosewood Stakes, producing three new sharp, pointy Vampire penetrators.  Two heroes, Popsi and Sergei, were sent back out on another Shopping Trip with additional cash.

The smaller party sent to SchattenTurm made it back successfully, and Morale rose to eight, but they failed to find Stangulf’s coffin yet again.  A Banshee appeared on the second level of the dungeon, taking out Henchsister Emmaline, who sadly did not recover and was buried outside of town.  Kislevite Bear-tamer Martin also fell to the Banshee, but returned in good health.  On a positive note, two more of Captain Diedrich’s lost unit were located above Schattenturm, and elected to return with the party and be added to the town’s defenders.

The larger party returning to Hugel Friedhoff obtained a much better result.  Without losing a single warrior, the force located and destroyed Strangulf’s coffin in the area, as well as staking a Minor Vampire found in its coffin and foiling a foul ceremony being conducted in the cemetery by a Necromancer.  Two Vampire Influence Ponts were removed from the area, bringing it to zero Influence, and three Morale points were gained.  Town Morale rose to its max at ten, and one excess point we resolved on an improvised “Extra Morale” table that will be included with the next version of the rules – gaining us four extra Worker Points in town.

We will pick up next time with Night of Turn 13!  Town Morale is excellent, at max of ten.  The number of bitten is a bit high at eleven, and two of Strangulf’s five coffins have been destroyed.   The little cemetery outside town now has a total of seven fallen defenders buried within its confines.  With Nachtdorf’s remaining defenders much more numerous and experienced, we’re feeling a bit more confident that we can pull out a campaign victory!

  18 Responses to “Vampire Hunters Report Turns 11 through 13”

  1. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. I can’t wait for the next one :).

  2. I too love reading the updates. Where did you source your coffins?

    • Heya Dave,

      They are made from Hirst Arts molds. I bought them pre-casted but unpainted on the internet. They did not take paint well for some reason – some kind of reaction made them bubble a bit and sticky. It’s not too noticeable, so I didn’t sweat it. I haven’t worked with casted plaster a lot, so I’m not sure if that’s a common problem.

  3. Fantastic report.

    Thanks again. I love the work you put in your campaign design and rules and i really love your terrain.

  4. Thank you for your awesome campaign. I have adapted it for my group of players to better suit our terrain and playstyle (e.g. make it a bit shorter) and we are having a blast. We are at turn 4 and have a much easier time of it than you do, even though Strangulf wiped out the warbands during a coffin hunt twice already. Keep up the good work!

    • Awesome! Keep us posted on how it is going! There is a new version of rules done (1.4) with a custom exploration table for after the coffin hunts, and some new treasure tables. They should be up on this site by late next week.

  5. Great description as ever! And this time, fotos are of a very good quality too!!
    Keep on with this, we are waiting for more!!

  6. Hi Jim

    A couple of questions. Do you suppose you’d need to adjust the campaign if you had more/fewer players?

    I missed seeing witch hunters as possible starting forces. Do you consider them no-good-nicks that can’t be trusted, or are they unbalanced with being able to take a priest as their core forces, or is it an oversight?

    • Hi Dave,

      The rules support two through five player war bands, but it has only been played with three so far. I hope to hear from others that play with 2, 4, or 5 war bands to see if tuning is needed.

      We do not tend to play witch hunters often. You could certainly add them. Several of the war bands have a priest, so that is no problem. We tend to play cooperatively and role play a hint, and thus rarely play a few war bands due to the way their motivations are described.

  7. I just finished reading through all your campaign reports. WOW! These are great. I think I might need to buy some undead and run through this with my friends. Quick question, what is the source for the dog models? They are really good looking.

    • They are from foundry miniatures. I think they have about four different dogs in the blister. There is one last battle report to post for this campaign, but I have been really procrastinating!

  8. Post the report already will you! :), I want to see what happens next!

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