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Our intrepid heroes defend Nachtdorf from a second attempt by Baron Von Strangulf to overrun it, and then send an exhausted band out the next morning to explore the dungeons of the Shadow Tower.  Click through for more, including the exciting perspective from Dwarf Captain, Big Boss.

Now, we've got you
Now, we've got you21-Apr-2012 01:51

With the evening of campaign turn ten, fog from the nearby river rolled over Nachtdorf.  Just after the witching hour, an indistinct figure emerged from an alley in the town and moved, unseen, towards the west gatehouse.  Just over an hour later, Halfling Scout Nod Nibbles, out on patrol, appeared breathless at the east gate to warn of an incoming force of undead!  His two fellow Halflings began ringing the church bell to wake the defenders up and prepare for the assault.  Guardsmen rushing to the west gate discovered that it had been opened too late to secure it before the undead appeared.

The incoming force approached the town from three sides, with several minor vampires and necromancers in their midst, but not Strangulf himself or any of his mistresses.  Two powerful creatures gained by Strangulf from gaining influence in other play areas did accompany the attackers, however:  a powerful Varghulf (the “Ghoul King”), and mounted Zombie Lord Ash.  Master Necromancer Bonecaller also lurked in the ranks of the attackers.

A group of Skeletons and Ghouls led by a minor Vampire and a Necromancer approached with two siege ladders from the north.  To reach the town, this group would have to cross a bridge leading over the river, where the defenders had positioned a large defensive torch during the day.  Two militiamen led by the Burgermeister Kaufmann huddled in the northeast corner tower, overlooking this bridge, crewing a recently repaired dwarven cannon discovered in the depths of the armory.

20-Apr-2012 18:50
20-Apr-2012 18:50


In the west, near the opened gate, Ash led a force of Ghouls, Skeletons, and Rats along with a minor Vampire, the Necromancer Bonecaller (oft injured by the players), and one siege ladder.  The Sisters of Sigmar slept in the town hall close by the opened gate, and would be responsible for repelling this group.  In the northwest, a small satellite party of Zombies and Skeletons under the direction of a Grave Guard Seneschal carried a siege ladder, with a Banshee nearby.  No defenders on the wall directly opposed this group.  In the northeast, a single Crypt Wraith hovered near the open gate.

20-Apr-2012 18:51
20-Apr-2012 18:51

In the east, heading towards the closed town gate, the monstrous Varghulf hulked amidst a pack of Zombies, Dire Wolves, Spiders, and Grave Guard.  Two minor Vampires commanded this force, which would enter near where the Kislevites had been sleeping at the town inn.

The Dwarves, led by Captain Big Boss, were sleeping in the Church in the center of the town, along with Father McManus, Father Jonas, and Milita Sergeant Lowenherz who were guarding our five bitten townspeople.  The clanging church bells, rung by Halflings Nod Nibbles and Tubby Tiddletoes woke the Dwarves rudely from their slumber.  Alongside the church pond, three Giant Rats that had somehow snuck into town lurked in the shadows.

20-Apr-2012 18:52
20-Apr-2012 18:53
20-Apr-2012 18:53
20-Apr-2012 18:58


Vampire Forces Turn One 

The turn kicked off with a “1” rolled for scenario expiration.  When the count reached 35, the undead would be forced to retreat to their lairs.  In this first turn the forces all simply advanced on the town at maximum speed.


Player Turn One 

Father McManus successfully cast the prayer Hearts of Steel, providing a bonus to route tests and protecting those within 8″ of him from fear tests.  In the west, the Sisters of Sigmar poured out of the town hall near the open gate, arraying themselves in a defensive line near the gate with Sisters on either side in flanking positions.  Both Father McManus and Father Jonas ran from the church, in order to reinforce assaults at the walls and gates, leaving Sgt. Lowenherz stationed inside and the Dwarves up and hustling to the door in their wake.

The Kislevites streamed out of the tavern near the east gate, and most of the defenders on the walls (Captain Diedrich’s troops and the milita) moved towards the cannon turret.  A handgunner and spearman, part of Diedrich’s small force, lingered in the southeast tower near the closed gate.  The handgunner propped his weapon against the wall and blasted a round at the huge Varghulf, who stomped within range of a defensive torch and thus made itself visible even in the fog.  The shot smashed into the Varghulf’s head, taking out part of its skull and costing it two of its four wounds!  “Take that, you bastige”, screamed the handgunner!

Sisters prepare for trouble in the West.Sisters prepare for trouble in the West.
Sisters prepare for trouble in the West.20-Apr-2012 20:14
Sigmarite Priests exiting the Chapel.Sigmarite Priests exiting the Chapel.
Sigmarite Priests exiting the Chapel.20-Apr-2012 20:15
Kislevites block the road in the East.Kislevites block the road in the East.
Kislevites block the road in the East.20-Apr-2012 20:15
Two militiamen retreat along the northeast wall.Two militiamen retreat along the northeast wall.
Two militiamen retreat along the northeast wall.20-Apr-2012 20:16


Vampire Forces Turn Two

With Vampire Forces Turn Two, another “1” was rolled for scenario expiration, bringing the total to a measly two.  The undead in the north reached the middle of the bridge, putting them in the light of the defensive torch and thus giving the cannon crew something to fire upon.

In the west, the force led by Ash approached the open gate, with a group of skeletons bringing a siege ladder to bear on a nearby wall to provide a flanking force.  Just to the north along the west wall, a couple of wandering ghouls reached the base of the wall, and the Banshee floated near to the wall close by.

In the east, the Varghulf reached the closed gate, but failed to do much damage to it, removing only three of its eight damage points.  On his flanks, a group of Spiders and a Dire Wolf lept onto the top of the walls on either side of the gate.

Northern force reaches the bridge.Northern force reaches the bridge.
Northern force reaches the bridge.20-Apr-2012 20:38
Western force prepared to charge through the gate.Western force prepared to charge through the gate.
Western force prepared to charge through the gate.20-Apr-2012 20:39
Varghulf reaches the east gate.Varghulf reaches the east gate.
Varghulf reaches the east gate.20-Apr-2012 20:39
Spiders scale a tower in the east.Spiders scale a tower in the east.
Spiders scale a tower in the east.20-Apr-2012 20:40


Player Turn Two

All the Dwarves except for the Engineer Sparks and new henchman Dorito humped out of the church, heading towards the crashing sounds of the Varghulf beating on the east gate.  Father Jonas jogged ahead of them, also heading for the noise.

A huge roar cascaded through the town as the cannon on the northeast tower erupted.  BurgerMeister Kaufmann and crew had directed their first shot at the undead force crossing the northern bridge, illuminated by a defensive torch.  The ball landed perfectly beside the rear group of this force and destroyed a Grave Guard Seneschal.  A blast of shrapnel composed of Seneschal bits and bridge splinters knocked down a nearby Ghast and Ghoul, delaying the progress of this ladder team.  The crew cheered and began loading their next ball.

Just outside the Inn, Kislevite Sergei aimed his crossbow at a Dire Wolf that had lept onto the east wall and fired.  The bolt sank into the wolf and knocked it off stride, causing it to fall from the wall and break several of its limbs.  A number of other shots from Kislevites moving into a defensive line failed to damage any of the Spiders that had also just scrambled to the top of the wall.

In the west, the Sisters of Sigmar held their ground and fired a volley of slingshots at the cluster of undead being led into the open gate by Lord Ash.  This force was helpfully backlit by a defensive torch positioned just outside the gate on the road, but the shots all missed their mark.  On the southwest wall, one of Diedrich’s handgunners took a shot at Zombie Lord Ash, but missed as well.


Vampire Forces Turn Three

A third “1” in a row was rolled for scenario expiration, bringing the total to three.  It was looking to be a long night.  In the north, the skeletons and ghouls crossing the bridge tried in vain to accelerate their pace and get out of range of the light profiling them for the cannon.

In the east, two of the Spiders on the wall spat webs at the Kislevites, with one hitting Luka and ensnaring her.  Another sprung down from the wall and charged Kislevite Sergei, wounding him, but being knocked down in return.  Two Dire Wolves positioned themselves outside the town to leap to the top of the southeast tower, threatening the handgunner that had previously shot the Varghulf.  At the gate, the Varghulf smashed through the first door, splinters flying as it roared, only to find itself faced with an interior gate, and then yet another door before the gatehouse would be completely breached.

Spiders attack the KislevitesSpiders attack the Kislevites
Spiders attack the Kislevites20-Apr-2012 21:35

In the west, Lord Ash flailed at a line of Giant Rats and forced them to charge through the opened gate and into the Sisters.  Once they hit home, he spurred his rotting mount forward and charged into Sister Emmaline, stunning her.  Sister Simone swung her hammer and bashed the skull of one of the charging Rats.

Bonecaller gestured at the Banshee in the northwest, and the spirit cackled in response and glided smoothly through the west wall.

Ash and Rats charge the Sisters.
Ash and Rats charge the Sisters.20-Apr-2012 21:34


Player Turn Three

In the east, the Kislevites inside town counter-charged the knocked down Spider and slew it as Dwarves moved up to reinforce them.  Captain Diedrich headed out of the Temple towards the west, to reinforce the Sisters.

Kislevite Bear Tamer Martin and his Bear reversed gears and ran back towards the Temple of Sigmar.  He had caught an indistinct yell from the church about a ghost, he knew his magical spear might be needed.  Father McManus accompanied them.

Despite being ensnared in webs, Luka flashed a volley of knives at a Spider just visible on the wall.  The Spider slid to the base of the wall in a pool of gore.  Pytor put a crossbow bolt into another Spider that had just scrambled down the wall, ending its life.  The handgunner in the southeast turret took another shot at the Varghulf, but this time the round bounced off a muscular shoulder.

The cannon in the northeast tower erupted a second time, again targeting the beleaguered force attempting to cross the river.  It narrowly missed the Ghoul it had aimed at, but completely splattered a Necromancer and Ghoul behind it.

In the west, the Sisters counter-charged the Rats and Lord Ash.  Mother Madira hovered near a stable and cast her Soulfire spell, which stunned two of the Giant Rats.  A sling shot from an unengaged Sister knocked down another Rat.  Two of the Sisters killed Rats in close combat, and Sister Veronica wounded Ash with one of her hammers.  Ash struck thrice in response, but missed twice and clanged off armor the third time.

Kislevites counterattack
Kislevites counterattack20-Apr-2012 22:03


Vampire Forces Turn Four

The Vamps finally rolled more than a 1 for scenario expiration.  With a 5 on the die, the clock now sat out 8 out of 30 required for the allies to hold out.

In the west, the pack of ghouls led by a minor Vampiress charged through the open gate and into the melee with the Sisters.  Sister Superior Hildegarde lashed with her steel whip before the Vampiress could close, tearing its throat and knocking it out of the fight.  Sister Emmaline weathered a ghoul’s charge and responded with crushing hammer blow that took it out of action.  In the center of the melee, Ash spun his mount and struck a blow that stunned Sister Superior Salyra, while Sisters Hildegarde and Veronica failed to damage the mounted Zombie Lord.

In a corner near the west gate, a Cairn Wraith that had been hovering indecisively thus far finally got its act together and drifted through the town wall, appearing within inches of the engaged Sisters.  Boo!

To further threaten the Sisters, Bonecaller’s force of skeletons quietly placed their ladder against a nearby exterior wall and gained the top.  Bonecaller limped to front of his invading party, and noted a nearby stairwell leading directly  down to the Sisters’ flank.  Thoughts of revenge for his withered arm buzzed in his narrow skull.

Undead gain the northwest wallUndead gain the northwest wall
Undead gain the northwest wall20-Apr-2012 22:54


To the north of Bonecaller’s group on the same wall, a second group of Skeletons and Ghouls led by a Grave Guard Seneschal also placed their ladder and streamed to the top of the wall.  A Fell Bat provided air cover for this force.

In town, the Banshee cruised over the surface of the pond and through the wall of the Sigmarite Temple, soiling its wards against undead.  She spotted the nearby sole Dwarf henchman Dorito, and unleashed her horrible wail.  Dorito briefly contemplated the fact that every Dwarf henchman prior to him was buried just outside the church, and that he had no magic weapon, then responded with a curse and a rude gesture.

In the east, the Varghulf advanced to the interior door of the gatehouse, and began pounding on it.  Undead packed in behind the brutal monster.  Two Dire Wolves in the southeast tower bit at the guardsman and militia member defending it, but the fight proved to be a close-quarters stalemate.

Wolves attacking the turret while Varghulf violates the gateWolves attacking the turret while Varghulf violates the gate
Wolves attacking the turret while Varghulf violates the gate20-Apr-2012 22:53


In the north, the remaining Vampire commander tried to get the ladders manned and moving again under the withering cannon fire.


Player Turn Four

On the northeast wall, BurgerMeister Kaufmann pointed and barked “Fire!”  The Dwarven cannon erupted with its third shot of the battle.  The shot fell perfectly again, smashing through the rear rank of the force still trying to get clear of the bridge.  Two Ghouls and a Ghast were pulverized, one Skeleton sent realing, and the ladder splintered to bits.  The front team, however, composed of four Skeletons led by a minor Vampire, was now clear of the light from the bridge’s defensive torch.  Over half his original force was lost, but he was now in cover of darkness and fog on the right side of the river bank.

Fire!!!!20-Apr-2012 23:57
One ladder unit decimatedOne ladder unit decimated
One ladder unit decimated20-Apr-2012 23:57

In the southwest, Sister Winifred charged the newly materialized Cairn Wraith, and Sister Anne the Augur and her dog Brother Woof charged a Ghoul and Rat respectively.    Mother Madira cast her Soulfire prayer successfully again, to devastating effect.  Lord Ash was stricken from the combat, the Cairn Wraith wounded, a Rat stunned, and two Ghouls knocked down.  Tubby Tiddletoes, the Halfling Scout attached to the Sisters, fired his shortbow from the upstairs window of the Town Hall, and knocked down one of the Skeletons in Bonecaller’s flanking force.

20-Apr-2012 23:54

A town militia member and one of Diedrich’s men who had been defending the southwest tower observed Bonecaller’s  make the wall, and headed into the Gatehouse to flank them.

Militiaman and Ostermark soldier sneak up on BonecallerMilitiaman and Ostermark soldier sneak up on Bonecaller
Militiaman and Ostermark soldier sneak up on Bonecaller20-Apr-2012 23:47

In close combat, the Sisters capitalized on the advantage provided by Mother Madira’s blast of holy light.  Sister Isolde finished off the Cairn Wraith with a blow from one of her hammers, and Brother Woof and Sister Anne each dispatched their fallen opponents.  Despite Bonecaller’s threatening flanking force above them on the town wall, the Sisters appeared to be turning the southwest gate combat for the allies.

Captain Diedrich, running to reinforce the Sisters, paused behind the corner of the opposite side of  the Town Hall from the melee, and checked his Pistols.

In the temple, the struggle with the Banshee continued.  Father McManus ran into the building and cast his Soulfire prayer, but failed to harm the spirit.  The Banshee struck and wailed at Dorito and Sparks, but they somehow avoided harm while trying to bluff her with their non-magical weapons.  Martin and his bear rushed into the building, but to late to enter the melee this turn.

Repelling the Banshee in the churchRepelling the Banshee in the church
Repelling the Banshee in the church20-Apr-2012 23:48

In the southeast tower, the melee between the Wolves and the tower defenders stalemated again.

In the east road leading to the gate, the bulk of the Kislevites headed to stairs just to the left of the gate, intending to defend the wall from the incoming force from the north that had been blistered by cannon fire.  Big Boss and the bulk of the Dwarves occupied their place in front of the gatehouse where the Varghulf raged.


Vampire Forces Turn Five

With a roll of 6 on the expiration die, the scenario counter went to a total of 14.

In the Temple of Sigmar, Kislevite Bear Tamer Martin screamed and charged the Banshee, as Father McManus unleashed his Soulfire and caused a wound on the raging spirit.  Martin missed the Banshee, but fortunately she also failed to harm the two defenseless Dwarves yet again.

The Varghulf howled and bashed into the interior east gate door a second time, sending splinters flying but still not penetrating the barrier.  Above him in the southeast tower, the battle with the two Dire Wolves and Diedrich’s men continued bloodlessly.

To the north, the remaining ladder squad, breathing more easily (well, whatever Skeletons do) now that they were out of the cannon’s view, advanced on the north wall of the town.

In the southwest, Bonecaller remained at the top of the wall and cast his Lifestealer spell, causing a wound on Sister Simone and adding the life force to his own.  Simone fell to the ground, stunned.  His Skeletons streamed down the stairs around him, preparing to charge on the next turn.

Of the remaining Sisters in close combat, the only result was Sister Anne taking a Ghoul out of action with a strike from her whip.


Player Turn Five

The first random event of the scenario occurred, with three townspeople breaking from a building to flee screaming through the streets.  Town Morale would decrease if Vampire Forces were able to reach these civilians and take them out of action, but that did not happen over the course of the scenario, so we will not revisit their flight again.

In the Temple, Kislevite Martin charged the Banshee and vaporized it with his magical spear.  At the east wall, the rest of the Kislevites streamed up the stairs to the ramparts, preparing for defense of the northeast wall segment.  The Dwarves positioned themselves for the eventual break-through of the Varghulf, joined by Father Jonas, who positioned himself right against the gatehouse wall.

Kislevites defending the east wallKislevites defending the east wall
Kislevites defending the east wall21-Apr-2012 00:57

Father Jonas muttered a prayer, and with a flare of light his own Soulfire shot outwards, reaching even inside the gatehouse and wounding the Varghulf for a third time as well as knocking down a Ghoul.  The gatehouse shook with the Varghulfs screams of rage!

In the southeast tower, one of the Dire Wolves managed to stun a spearman, but his companion handgunner prevented the spearman from being eaten.

In the southwest, Captain Diedrich nipped out from behind the corner of the Town Hall and took a shot at Bonecaller, just visible through the torchlit fog up on the wall.  The shot buzzed past Bonecaller’s ear.  Halfling Tubby, still at the upstairs window of the Town Hall, skipped an arrow off Bonecaller’s shoulder, causing only a scratch.  Bonecaller began to feel somewhat put upon as the nearby door into the second level of the southwest gatehouse suddenly opened, and one of Diedrich’s handgunners inside fired off yet another shot that just missed overhead.  Starting to get seriously pissed, Bonecaller jigged and four sling shots fired from two Sisters down below clattered around him uselessly.

Under the southwest gatehouse, Sister Nadja knocked a Ghast down, while Sister Veronica’s hammers took a Ghoul out of action.

Sisters gaining the upper hand in the westSisters gaining the upper hand in the west
Sisters gaining the upper hand in the west21-Apr-2012 00:58


Vampire Forces Turn Six

With a 2 on the turn expiration die, the total went to 16 out of the 30 points needed to conclude the scenario.

In the southwest, two Skeletons charged Captain Diedrich, but the resulting flurry of blows resulted in no wounds to any of the combatants.  Bonecaller cast his LifeStealer spell a second time from the top of the wall, and this time added a fourth wound by draining Sister Emmaline, who stumbled, knocked down.  Another Skeleton charged the militiaman that had kicked open the gatehouse door for the handgunner to take his shot, but that combat also resulted in a standoff.  Another Skeleton charged Brother Woof, who lept up on the creature in response, knocking it to the ground.  The last Ghast still engaged with Sister Nadja and Sister Superior Hildegarde failed to injure either, but they also failed to harm it.

Captain Diedrich distracts the skeletonsCaptain Diedrich distracts the skeletons
Captain Diedrich distracts the skeletons21-Apr-2012 01:25
A skeleton enters the gate towerA skeleton enters the gate tower
A skeleton enters the gate tower21-Apr-2012 01:26

The undead force that gained the west wall the previous turn opted to run for the cannon to their northeast rather than reinforce Bonecaller.  The Fell Bat flew with them, and the force came within charge range of the defenders guarding the wall entrance to the cannon tower.  The  small ladder group that survived the cannon’s earlier blasts finally made it to the northeast wall near the eastern gate.

Undead charge the cannon turretUndead charge the cannon turret
Undead charge the cannon turret21-Apr-2012 01:25
The north force finally reaches a wallThe north force finally reaches a wall
The north force finally reaches a wall21-Apr-2012 01:25

In the southeast tower, Diedrich’s hangunner finally dispatched one of the Dire Wolves, his second major blow of the game.  The Varghulf finally crashed through the middle gatehouse door, leaving one final door between it and the town. One Spider that had survived the early cascade over the east wall snuck through alleys in the south, looking for food.


Player Turn Six

Continuing their heroic performance, Burgermeister Kaufmann barked at his crew, and they whipped the cannon around and directed it at the incoming undead forces on the wall.  The tower shook as the cannon belched fire for the fourth time, and the shot landed perfectly in front of the advancing force and buzzed right through them, sending body parts flying in all directions.  No less than two Ghouls, the Grave Guard Senschal, and two of his Grave Guard were splattered by this blast, which also did some minor damage to the newly repaired wall.

Now, we've got youNow, we've got you
Now, we've got you21-Apr-2012 01:51

In northeast, Kislevite Pytor entered the middle floor of the gatehouse, and fired down through a murder hole with his bow into the crowd of undead behing the Varghulf, but did no damage.  Sergei fired from the nearby wall and hit a Ghast not yet inside the gatehouse, but failed to wound it.  Father Jonas, still flattened against interior wall of the gatehouse, attempted to cast Soulfire a second time, but failed.  Big Boss and his Dwarves arranged themselves in position to charge the Varghulf, should it make it through into town.  The northeast tower fight between the two defenders and remaining solo Dire Wolf continued in a standoff.

Luka and Pyotr discover the joy of murder holesLuka and Pyotr discover the joy of murder holes
Luka and Pyotr discover the joy of murder holes21-Apr-2012 01:53

In the center of town,  Father McManus, Dwarf Sparks, and Kislevite Martin with bear Pooh ran out the back door of the temple, heading to reinforce the cannon tower.  The Cossack Stepan began hoofing down the road in front of the Temple to track down the Spider he’d seen sneaking around the foggy back alleys.

Martin, Sparks, and McManus rush out of the churchMartin, Sparks, and McManus rush out of the church
Martin, Sparks, and McManus rush out of the church21-Apr-2012 01:51

In the southwest, Sisters Salyra and Hidegarde charged one of the Skeletons at the base of the stairs leading to Bonecaller’s positon.  With a crack of her whip, Hildegarde separated the skeleton into to pieces, leaving the path up to Bonecaller clear.  Captain Diedrich, nearby, blocked a blow from one of the Skeletons harrying him and landed a strike on the other that knocked it down.  Brother woof tore apart another Skeleton, while Sister Isolde struck a blow that knocked down a Ghast, sole attacker left from the group that charged through the southwest gate under Ashes direction.

Sisters close on Bonecaller's stairwell positionSisters close on Bonecaller's stairwell position
Sisters close on Bonecaller's stairwell position21-Apr-2012 01:51

In the southwest gatehouse, the Skeleton defending Bonecaller’s flank knocked down the militiaman it was struggling with.


Vampire Forces Turn Seven

A 6 was rolled for scenario expiration, bringing the total to 22.  A couple more turns, and the undead would likely be forced to retreat, assuming any were left!

In the southwest, the Skeleton in the gatehouse failed to take out the knocked down militiaman, and Bonecaller also failed to get off Life Stealer for the first time.  Diedrich fought the Skeletons arrayed against him to a standstill again, while Sister Isolde finally dispatched the last remaining Ghast.

At the cannon tower on the north wall, Skeletons charged the spearman and militiaman guarding the western most entry to the tower.  The charge failed to perturb the defenders, and the spearman struck a blow that knocked one of the two Skeletons completely off the wall and out of action.  Two giant rats that had been lurking around the pond charged up the stairs at the two defenders guarding the eastern most entry to the cannon tower, but this charge also failed, and one of the rats was slain by a militiaman.

The Fell Bat swooped down on Baron Kaufmann, but the undead’s luck continued to fail as Kaufmann was knocked down but managed to stay atop the tower with his crew.

Battle of the cannon continuesBattle of the cannon continues
Battle of the cannon continues21-Apr-2012 14:01

Another giant rat charged Father McManus in the nearby group of defenders who had just emerged from the Temple back door, but neither party was damaged.  Opposite the temple on the south side of town, the sneaky Spider entered a building through a back window.

In the east, the Skeletons from the remaining ladder party finally began climbing to the top of the wall, within sight range of nearby Kislevites.

The Dwarves erupted in loud cheers as the Varghulf, bruised, bleeding, and down to just one of its original four wounds, finally pounded through the last door of the gatehouse.


Player Turn Seven

In the east the two Dwarf Trollslayers whooped and charged the injured Varghulf.  In a flurry of blows, KillMeNow took the beast out of action.  In the gatehouse above, Luka and Pyotr opened up through the murder holes on the undead behind the Varghulf, taking out a minor Vampire and a Zombie respectively.  The handgunner and spearman continued to struggle with the Dire Wolf in the southeast tower, while on the wall north of the gatehouse Kislevites fired on Skeletons climbing to the top of the wall but failed to take any out.

The grievously injured Varghulf in hand to handThe grievously injured Varghulf in hand to hand
The grievously injured Varghulf in hand to hand21-Apr-2012 14:01

In the north, Martin, the bear Pooh, and Sparks all charged the Rat on Father McManus, but succeeded only in knocking it down.  The combats at both entrances to the cannon tower were stalemates, and no damage was done to any of the combatants at the top of the tower.

In the west, Mother Madira cast SoulFire and a Skeleton fighting Diedrich staggered under the effects.  Sister Winifred charged into assist Diedrich with the other Skeleton, and together they took it out of action.  Sister Superiors Hildegarde and Isolde finally had a clear path to Bonecaller, and charged up the stairs into close combat with him, with Salyra wounding him once.  In the gatehouse at his back, the Skeleton fought the militiaman and handgunner to a standstill.

Bonecaller finally engaged in combatBonecaller finally engaged in combat
Bonecaller finally engaged in combat21-Apr-2012 14:00


To the south, Cossack Stepan rounded the corner of the building and, glancing through a window, caught the movement of the Spider he’d been hunting.


Vampire Forces Turn Eight

With a 4 for scenario expiration, the total rose to 26 out of 30.  Dawn was approaching and soon the Vampires would call their attack off.  Considering the lopsidedness of the affair against them, the sooner the better.  Not a single allied warrior had been taken out of action by the assaulting forces yet, and more than two thirds of the attackers were out of the combat.

The Skeletons on the northeast wall charged into the Kislevites, the minor Vampire commanding them from the rear. Mischa knocked down one of the charging Skeletons.  Undead that had been in the gatehouse behind the Varghulf charged into the Dwarves blocking their way into town, a Zombie managing to wound KillMeNow, but taken out of action in return.  Father Jonas failed to get off his Soulfire spell.

Kislevites hold the northeast wallKislevites hold the northeast wall
Kislevites hold the northeast wall21-Apr-2012 14:43

In the north, Father McManus swung his hammer and smashed the skull of the Rat in.  On the wall around the cannon tower, a Giant Rat bit the leg of a spearman, who screamed and fell from the wall, the first allied warrior taken out of action, finally!  A bronx cheer from the undead.  At the other tower entrance, a Skeleton knocked a militiaman off the wall, but the warrior was luckier and survived.  At the cannon, Burgermeister Kaufmann struck a massive blow on the Fell Bat, sending it spiraling down from the tower and out of action.

In the southwest, all the undead were engaged.  Bonecaller managed to knock down Sister Hildegarde, but the Skeleton guarding his rear in the gatehouse was knocked down by the militiaman.

The Spider in the south lurked in a town building, up to no good.


Player Turn Eight

In the South, Stepan charged into the building and interrupted the Spider’s activities, striking it repeatedly and stunning it.

Just to the west, at the gate, Salyra struck Bonecaller for a second wound, while the militiaman failed to take out the knocked down Skeleton.  Mother Madira got her Soulfire spell off, this time blasting her primary target and taking a third wound from Bonecaller.

In the north, Father McManus ran to the base of the wall and cast his own Soulfire, taking out a Skeleton and a Grave Guard at the top of the wall.  Martin’s bear rumbled up the stairs and into a Skeleton, breaking it into bits.  There was little left of the force assaulting the cannon tower.

In the east, the Kislevites defending the wall took out one Skeleton, while Pyotr firing again through the murder holes in the floor of the second story of the gatehouse put a bolt through the head of a Ghast.  Below him, the Dwarves continued to weight in to the remaining forces that were led in by the Varghulf, with Trollslayer IDieSoon killing a Seneschal.

And to everyone’s surprise, the handgunner and spearman in the southeast tower finally defeated the second Dire Wolf in a combat that had been going on for most of the scenario.


Vampire Forces Turn Nine

With a 4 for expiration, this would be the last turn of the scenario.

In a last gasp, Bonecaller managed to get Life Stealer off and took Sister Superior Salyra out of action, but was taken out himself by a very angry Sister Superior Hildegarde.  The Spider in the South was dispatched by Stepan.


The Tally, and Conclusion Night 10

The first attack on the town went horribly bad for the heroes.  This scenario went in the opposite direction, with the allies taking near fifty models out of action and only losing two themselves.  The dwarven cannon could not have performed better, with never a misfire and with every roll of the artillery die for initial placement of the shot and carry through turning up the perfect number to hit the most models.

Flanking actions by the undead were mistimed repeatedly, with the flanking force always arriving a turn or two too late when the initial force had already been largely defeated.  This happened in the southwest, with Bonecaller only bringing his Skeletons up on the wall when the Sisters had crushed Ashe’s initial troops.  It happened again in the east, with the Varghulf taking much longer to get through the gatehouse than any of us expected and the troops that had been sent over the wall eliminated by the time it pushed through.

Both allied models taken out of action had Full Recovery.  The Varghulf survived with a nervous condition, and Ash lost an eye.

In terms of campaign Town Morale, a +1 was earned for the allies holding out without routing.  Another +3 was earned for taking three Vampire Forces Heroes (Ash, the Varghulf, and Bonecaller) out of action.  However, with only two dice to roll for unengaged forces in town buildings at the end of VF turns, with only a “1” resulting in a civilian fatality, Stamper managed to roll snake eyes.  The Spider that snuck into the building in the south had managed to eat two townies before being taken out by Stepan, resulting in a -2 to Morale and the loss of two worker points for town actions during the day.  The net Morale gained was +2, which raised us back up to 5 out of 10 – a much safer place to be.  If Morale drops to zero, we lose the campaign.

To conclude the Night Phase of turn 10, none of the existing bitten turned into Vampires, but Sister Nadja proved to have a bite on her neck, and will need to be quarantined with the other bitten until a priest can heal her.  Perhaps she was the one that crept to the southwest gate at the beginning of this scenario and opened the defenses there.


From the Diary of Dwarf Captain, “Big Boss”

  1.  Get roused out of bed by the dang Hobbits screaming.
  2. Wander out to the front gate behind a bunch of Kislevites.
  3. Wait.
  4. Priest wanders up.
  5. Something is beating on the outer castle door.
  6. Kizies leave to go get into firing positions.
  7. Wait , hear handgunner on the wall next to the gate yell out, “Take that you bastige!”
  8. Wait. Something still battering on front door. Lots of screaming from the other gate and the canon firing from the north tower . Can hear much rejoicing from the cannon crew.
  9. Wait.
  10. Wait. Yeah!, it’s now battering on the inner (of 3) gates!
  11. Break out tea and biscuits.
  12. Watch priest up next to the wall wave hands and make mystical motions. Ever so often the things in the gate house scream. Also some more screams because of the Kizzies shooting thru the murder holes into the undead in the gate house. One of them sounds quite vampirish.
  13. Several games of Cripple Mr Onion break out.
  14. Several dwarfs wander away to see if they can shoot any of the skellies who have managed to get a ladder up near the gatehouse. Kizzes are picking them off from the walls.
  15. Hurrah!!, looks like they have made it through the last castle door finally (there was some debate earlier about just opening the door to hurry things up)
  16. Troll slayers charge the big undead that had been knocking down the gate doors. It’s toast since it’s already lost 3 of it’s four wounds.
  17. Troll slayers slaughter the other undead in the tower, there were about 3 left.
  18. Looking at the remainder of the undead forces (1 rat, and 2 skells) and deciding that it’s dawn wander back to bed.
  19. Meet the two dwarfs who had stayed in the church to protect it to hear their stories about a thingy that walked  thru the wall that was immune to being hit and had to be killed by the bear guy with a glowing spear. Decide they’ve been hitting the Ale a bit hard.

Checks my troops over. Not a single wound amongst them (no knock downs, stuns, or out of actions)
All in all a boring night.


Day 11

Our heroes plotted a Coffin Hunt to Schattenwald Tower for this turn, sending about fifteen or so of their number to explore the dungeons under the tower.  Due to the night attack, this group would be fatigued.  With the first level of fatigue, toughness checks must be made to run (charging does not require the check).  The remaining warriors in town were plotted to repair actions, fashioning stakes, and healing bitten.  Three heroes left town with six townies on a shopping trip, and will return in turn 12.

Unfortunately, when we revealed the Day Event card, we found that it was a surprise daytime attack by the Vampire Forces on the town.  Apparently the assault during the night had been a feint.  There are only around twenty-eight models in town to defend it, and ten of those are town milita and Diedrich’s men, all pretty average troops.  In addition, they will all be fatigued as well when we fight the scenario.  The Vampire Forces are less numerous during the day, and will contain fewer Vampires, but it still could be a dicey affair.

We did play the Coffin Hunt scenario before breaking up for the weekend.  We failed to find another of Strangulf’s coffins, but the revision of the dungeon rules did work better.  We lost one warrior for the campaign, Kislevite Timofey, who due to the fatigue failed to keep up with the rest of the force during the race to the dungeon entrance and fell to chasing undead.  We carried an enormous amount of loot out of the dungeon, including a suit of Gromril.

With only one of the five coffins located, we are running out of time.  Morale is in much better shape, and the number of bitten is well under control, but we may be forced to split our forces during the day and send two groups out on coffin hunts each day to have a chance of getting the remaining coffins before campaign time runs out.

We’ll pick up next report with the rest of Day 11!  Thanks for reading!

Oh ya, Pics from the Schattenwald Tower Coffin Hunt:


Bonecaller leading a pack of GhoulsBonecaller leading a pack of Ghouls
Bonecaller leading a pack of Ghouls21-Apr-2012 23:58
A Giant Skeleton charges!A Giant Skeleton charges!
A Giant Skeleton charges!22-Apr-2012 00:21
Racing the humans to SchattenTurmRacing the humans to SchattenTurm
Racing the humans to SchattenTurm22-Apr-2012 00:58
First group in the dungeon.First group in the dungeon.
First group in the dungeon.22-Apr-2012 12:10, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 80
A Giant Skeleton on Level 3.A Giant Skeleton on Level 3.
A Giant Skeleton on Level 3.22-Apr-2012 12:49, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 80
A rescued handgunner brings unwanted company!A rescued handgunner brings unwanted company!
A rescued handgunner brings unwanted company!22-Apr-2012 14:17, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 160
The Necromancer's DoomporiumThe Necromancer's Doomporium
The Necromancer's Doomporium22-Apr-2012 14:48, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 160

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      Yes we have – one more session since then but I don’t have the battle report up! I’ll try to work on it! Another play session upcoming probably in early September.


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