Apr 182012

Vampire Hunters Mordheim Campaign rules 1.3 are available now, as well as new add-ons for dungeon templates and quick reference cards.  Click through for more!

The 1.3 version of the campaign and some new supporting materials are available on the main campaign page:

The Vampire Hunters 

Several quick references guides for scenario and campaign play have been added to cut down on having to flip through the copious rules for basics.

The rules changes primarily make things a bit easier for the players, as in play-testing so far the campaign has proven to be quite difficult.  Another major change is that the dungeon rules were completely reworked, mostly to use a set of pre-drawn templates with random rooms rather than rely on tables to randomly generate an entire dungeon level.

  • Morale increase given for minor vampires when slain or staked, not just staked.
  • Morale bonuses improved for taking VF heroes out of action or slaying them.
  • Morale bonus for completing a coffin hunt without a rout.
  • Impact of first stage of fatigue lessened.
  • Flyer and Leaper rules separated and clarified.
  • New Scenario Tactical rule added for turning vampires if hero equipped with Holy Relic.
  • New Optional Rules for Mulligan of a hero death, experience for VF heroes.
  • Number of heroes assignable to Fashion Stakes and Fashion Silver Weapons increased.
  • Giant Skeletion stats added.
  • Turn expiration for coffin hunts increased from 30 to 35.
  • Ratio of vampire coffins to empty and treasure coffins increased for coffin hunts.
  • Reinforcing undead in scenarios cannot charge, cast, or shoot on turn of entry unless they are a command model or within Direct Undead range of another model.
  • T+1 coffin treasures changed to mean two rolls on table rather than one roll at +1.
  • Schattenturm dungeon rules re-written, use new dungeon templates, three provided per level.
  • Random treasure tables altered to use mostly percentage dice.


  2 Responses to “Vampire Hunters Campaign Rules Updated”

  1. Awesome sauce! Any chance you have more reports of gameplay coming up?


    • Hi Dave!

      Yup, we played recently and I’m working on the report now! Hopefully will be up by tomorrow!


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