The Vampire Hunters Mordheim Campaign

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Mircalla and her wolves cascade down from the wall in darkness, and enter the northeastern part of town unopposed.
Mircalla and her wolves cascade down from the wall in darkness, and enter the northeastern part of town unopposed.03-Dec-2011 15:00, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.3, 4.6mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 200

Greetings!  We’ve come to suck your blood!

This page hosts materials for the Vampire Hunters campaign, a Mordheim / Empire in Flames campaign game set in Ostermark that features cooperative play by warbands to rescue a small town from the grasp of a powerful vampire.

The Basics

You will need two to five players, terrain for six locations (including a walled town), and a fair number of undead models.  An average of one scenario per campaign turn will probably be played, and the campaign will last a maximum of twenty turns.  The town involved is far enough away from Mordheim that shopping opportunities for items and additional warriors is limited.

The goal is to rescue the town, Nachtdorf, from the clutches of Baron Von Strangulf and his three mistresses.  Players can win by killing Strangulf or by eliminating all five of his coffins containing native soil.  There are five game areas near Nachtdorf, each with a coffin to be located and destroyed.

Strangulf can win by driving town morale to zero, gaining control via vampire bites of a certain number of townsfolk, or simply through expiration of campaign turns.

The 1.4 version of the rules and supporting materials follow (if you were playing a previous version, be sure to reprint the Quick Reference Guides and Action Boards to pick up changes. The other materials have not changed since the first version of the rules).

Canon CanoScan LiDE 70


I found it pleasing to print the Night Town Actions on grey card stock, the Day Town Actions board on yellowish-cream card stock, and the Away Actions on white, but obviously this is not necessary.  We glued the Campaign Tracker and the three action boards down onto black foam-core to make an overall game board for the campaign.

We also have found that Excel-like plot sheets for each warband and for the NPCs are useful to keep a record of which warriors performed what actions on which turns.  Those are very easy to put together on your own if you want them.

The following Quick Reference Guides are a condensed form of the rules that you can print on cardstock or paper and should speed up play.

First campaign turn after intro scenario spent all in Nachtdorf
First campaign turn after intro scenario spent all in Nachtdorf29-Oct-2011 13:12, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.4, 4.9mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 200

Campaign Reports

We are currently in the middle of our first play test with three players in Tennessee.  My brother Michael will soon begin another run with five players in Texas.  Here are the Tennessee campaign reports on this blog so far:

  1. First Report, turns 1 through day of 4
  2. Second Report, night of 4 through turn 6 (features first night attack on the town)
  3. Third Report, turns 7-8
  4. Fourth Report, turn 9
  5. Fifth Report, day of turn 10
Assaulting the Grave Guard
Assaulting the Grave Guard08-Jan-2012 15:04, EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera, 3.1, 6.5mm, 0.125 sec, ISO 286


I watch a lot of vampire movies.  Seriously, a lot, except for twinkly vampire movies.  I cannot tolerate twinkly vampires.  I’m also a big fan of Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa.  That’s where most of this comes from.  Many thanks to Michael Weaver, Michael Kingsbury, and Michael Stamps for their input and play-testing (er, dying)!

Pics in the campaign reports and rules tread on some property rights without permission, for which I apologize, but hopefully can avoid any take down requests.  Most of the miniatures are Games Workshop, with some Freebooter, Ral Partha, Lead Adventures, and assorted other manufacturers mixed in.  Terrain is mostly custom made, but buildings are from Miniature Building Authority and Fantascene primarily.  There is one Warhammer illustration at the beginning of the rules currently, and I do not know the artist to credit.  In the 1.3 rules, I’ll replace this illustration with one of our miniature pics.



  16 Responses to “The Vampire Hunters Mordheim Campaign”

  1. Hi, just an FYI, you’ve missed Gustav off the quick reference and have Dedricks men on twice.

    Excellent stuff, trying to get some people together to run this myself!

    • Thanks! I’ll fix those in the next round of edits, should be up in a few weeks. I think we’re going to put in a table for Diedrich’s men as well, so that when you pick up a new one through an event, exploration role, etc. the type of soldier (swordsman, crossbowman, etc.) has some variance.

      Let us know if you start playing. Two groups going right now, one with three players and one with five.

  2. Hey, You’ve done a great job here!!!
    But after reading up to page 40 of your rulebook, a question remains unaswered: Is there a reason why Witch Hunter gangs are not under the allowed gangs??

    Congratulations for your effort

    • Hi Vlad – Thanks!

      No major reason – I was trying to list warbands that it seemed like townspeople would be willing to invite into their town, and Witch Hunters just seemed like one folks might be leary to approach ;-). But by all means you could work them in.


  3. This is awesome dude. I was in the middle of writing up something similar when I stumbled across this and I am so impressed. Think I need to prepare everything for when I have time off around the holidays and try doing it over a ten day period with my roommate and my little brother. Maybe adjust a few things to suit our campaign style more….(bolt thrower instead of cannon – my roommate likes shadow elves. A Pack Alpha for the direwolves. Flesh golem named Adam that uses the Necromancer’s leadership instead of Vampires….etc).
    So awesome….

    • Let us know if you end up playing, and what kind of customizations you make! I took about a year preparing for it, including terrain and miniatures ;-). I’m sloooooooowww….

  4. It’s gonna take me a couple of months to get everything together myself, but you doing such kick ass work has saved me months of time. I now have five people including myself interested in playing your campaign come winter time because we work construction and when snow falls our work days get shorter.
    We have all gamed for years and it’s cool to see somebody other than us who rocks the Mordheim love. Within a month we will all have decided what warbands to play (I will be playing the undead antagonists myself) then I will begin to adjust the campaign to our various needs.
    Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated. Will keep in touch as things progress and lets you know what modifications we plan to use. Stay awesome brother.
    From Edmonton Canada, Daerg Doom

  5. I would love to try your campaign too.
    Support for Mortheim around me is strong at the moment, but many folks here have a quite short interest span. I’m afraid i won’t be able to keep them focused on it for as long as a year, so I thought to ask you:

    Do you see changes to play with your material a shorter campaign, of let’s say ten games at most.
    I will try a reduction on my own, but i just hoped your experience can give me some good advices to begin with.

    thanks, Vlad

    • Hi Vlad,

      I built the campaign to occupy my friends for about a year on purpose, so that’s why it is kind of lengthy! But, I can think of a few simple things you could try. Make the winning condition for five coffins two or three instead, which means they will never venture to AltSchloss, but that’s fine. Start the Town Morale at around eight instead of the full ten. Make the losing condition for expired number of days ten instead of twenty, but still shuffle and draw from the full set of day and night cards.

    • By the way, 1.4 rules are done. I’ve been naughty and not gotten them posted yet, but will make sure it’s done this upcoming week.

      • Don´t make us wait too long – in our version of your campaign we soaked another one of Strangulf´s coffins yesterday, only two to go! If you delay too long we will have too continue with 1.3….. :-)

  6. […] rules and supporting materials are available now on the main Mordheim Vampire Hunters Campaign […]

  7. We are still waiting for the next turns!
    Hope you will be able to play them soon. Good Luck!

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