Feb 292008

I’ve been working on some extended campaign rules for Mordheim recently, and a first draft is complete. It’s a map-based campaign where player warbands will move through the areas of Mordheim attempting to collect a set of very powerful wyrdstone shards before Skaven NPC warbands beat them to it.


The campaign rules can be found here. The map above (click to see full size) was published by GW, but I have edited it for map-based campaign play.

We will be playing the campaign with three players, cooperatively. I believe the campaign rules would support team competitive play (2 on 2), but I’m not certain. The main concepts for the campaign rules are simultaneous map based movement, clue tokens as an economy additional to gold (inspired by Arkham Horror board game), player cards tailored to warband type, and a deck of cards for each of the four Skaven clans to determine their actions during a turn and also to remove the need to track gold and wyrdstone shard inventories for them across turns.

The next steps are to collect comments on the rules from my gaming group, get an oversized version of the map printed and mounted on dryboard, and get the player and skaven cards printed up. There’s also miniatures to settle for the player warbands. Quite a bit to do yet, but I hope to have it ready for us to play soon!


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  1. Hey Jim
    Would you like the 2 Skaven warbands added to the AB files? Pestilens & the regular Skaven have already been added. Your link to clan Skryre doesn’t work but I already had a copy of V.1.1.


  2. Yup! I’ll fix the link to Skyre. I have the Skaven warbands handwritten right now, but it’d be nice to have them in Army Builder.

  3. Have you have anymore information on the card based events? I was thinking about the same thing. There were some necromunda cards made up for some stuff but Mordheim would be great.

    Instead of rolling for random events and etc, draw a card.

  4. Take a look at the campaign rules and the cards for both the Skaven NPC bands and basic cards for player warbands are listed. http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=df3xkgcf_37mzrf8m

    The player cards are towards the end of the document, and I haven’t added custom cards for all warband types yet. I probably won’t do that until after we’ve playtested the campaign some.

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