Jan 242008

These data files were created for Army Builder 3 by Michael Kingsbury. Thanks Mike!

If you find any problems or have questions about these data files, please let us know in a comment to this page.

Update, 2011:  Our group is no longer using Army Builder for Mordheim, so these files are probably static at this point; perhaps someone else will take them over.  Since we only used AB for Mordheim, and our campaigns increasingly have added items and rule modifications not covered in AB, we’ve gone to simply using tools like Open Office or Microsoft Word for building our rosters.  You lose some of the automatic calculation of starting warband costs and warband ratings, but you gain complete control of what is on the printed roster and how it is layed out.  TableTop Geeks also has an online Mordheim roster builder worth trying.

Mordheim ArmyBuilder3 File 05/2009

  24 Responses to “Mordheim Army Builder 3 Files”

  1. I get an error trying to extract this file

  2. Hi – downloads for me fine, and I can open the zip that’s saved ok as well. What browser are you using?

  3. Hmm, these aren’t saved as AB files? AB 3.1 won’t recognize them?

  4. Hi John,

    It’s a zip file containing a folder with .dat files that the latest army builder should recognize. You need to expand the zip file, then copy the contents to the appropriate directory where you have army builder installed at. I think it’s the “data” directory, but I’m not at a machine with AB installed at the moment so I’m not sure about that.

    I think in the data directory where you have AB installed at, there is a subdirectory for each ruleset you have downloaded for use. Probably you want to copy the whole “mordheim” folder that is in our zip file to that directory, rather than the individual .dat files.

  5. hey I got this to work. Thanks!
    I did notice something about the updated files
    Warband files look good. But the Hired Swords don’t appear to be correct. Like Dwarf Treasure hunters only allowed the troll slayer and the Halfling thief? Ostlanders show only th ogre body guard?
    Do I have some kind of filter on in AB 3 that is causing this problem?

    As an aside, do you have any intention of adding the nemesis crown warbands and hired swords?
    They were the last sort-of-official, Warbands made by GW so it would be nice to see them in the file.

  6. Hi John,

    These files were done by my brother in law, Mike, and they aren’t complete. We use them to play within our group, probably about eight or nine of us. So warbands that we don’t use often might have some errors.

    The good news, though, is that we’re playing a campaign now and Mike is fixing things that we notice as we go along, so he can probably get some of your hired sword fixes done. I’m not sure if he’s planning on doing Nemesis Crown or not, but I think he mentioned he wanted to look at them the other day. So maybe if you ask him nicely…. 😉

  7. I promise to sing his praises and name members of my warbands after him. I also promise to never play my “12 Angry Dwarves” warband against him should we meet. (Its a warband that starts with 12 dwarves… its nasty)

  8. […] Mr. Kingsbury has updated some things for his ArmyBuilder 3 File found here. […]

  9. Everything worked great on the extraction and installation. It seems like everything has a 1+ armor save though. Even after equipping armor this doesn’t change.

    Thanks for putting this together BTW

  10. Hey, I tried to put these files in the data folder, now mordheim won’t load when opening army builder, says there are a ton of errors with the files, missing tags and whatnot…

  11. Hello,
    I have a question concerning the spells.dat.
    I want to include a new spell list but I am unable to use the correct spells tab even for the integratet spells.
    When I click the Edit button I could not select the spells tag only the allowed spells tag.
    What I am doing wrong?

  12. Hello,
    I find a way to solve my problem.
    You can open the .dat file with an editor.
    Within the .dat file I was able to change the name of the spells tab to the one I needed.

  13. Hi Thanks for updating all the datafiles. I am having a bit a trouble getting them to work. After I copy them across into the mordheim folder within the data folder of Army Builder (replacing all duplicates, I assume this is the right thing to do?) it errors (loads) when I try to open the mordheim file in Army Builder. Am I doing something wrong or is my PC’s Machine Spirit disgruntled with me?

  14. Hmmm I can’t figure out what’s going wrong. Let me do some experimenting and see if I can recreate your result.


  15. GenDerrick
    Your data files should be at the following location C:\ArmyBuilderEX\data\mordheim. I thought maybe it was a problem with the new version of army builder (3.1d) but it’s not. I downloaded 3.1d and the version of mordheim data files presently online and they both worked flawlessly. What version of windows/OS X do you have?


  16. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. I’ve been computer-less for a little while and have recently got it back. Reinstalled Army Builder with the latest version, tried your files and they work without fault! Who knows what happened before….
    Anyways, Thanks for the great work on the files, saved me one hell of a job!

  17. Oh dear, looks like I spoke to soon. Whatever happened before, has happened again. While creating my possessed warband I noticed that Mutants have I 4 stating in your file. So I went to the creator to change it, now I get the massive list of errors when I try to load the mordheim file. Seriously confused lol! I have Windows 7 64-bit. Any help will be much appreciated

  18. I’ll ask Mike to take a look. Not sure if he gets auto notifications of posts here. Guys at TableTopGeeks are doing an online web-based Mordheim army builder thing, by the way. Looks good so far, but still not finished.


  19. GenDarrick
    Have you tried to disable the debuging of the DataFiles?
    You find the option in the AB under Menupoint Develop.
    Here you find Enable Data File Debugging.
    Maybe this helps.

  20. hi,

    Got an alternative if you have an android device (phone or tablet).

    Grab the “an armylist builder” app from the android market and build your armylist.

    Kind regards,


    • Was wondering how long it would be before someone did a mobile ;-). I’ve been waiting for a comprehensive web-based one for forever. Any chance of an iPhone version?

  21. Can’t seem to figure out how to get these to work. There is no data folder to put these in. Any help would be appreciated.

  22. Hi John,

    Where you install Army Builder, at least with version 3, there is always a data folder. We have not used newer versions of AB, and in fact haven’t used even 3 for quite awhile, so with newer versions this file may not work.

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