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We ushered in the first day of the new year with a monster-sized Mordheim battle on the new grassland terrain boards.  Five warbands versus over a hundred Orcs!  Click through for pics and battle report!

Kingsbury and Michael setting upKingsbury and Michael setting up

Kingsbury and Michael setting up01-Jan-2010 11:04, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.3, 4.6mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 500


My brother Michael ran the scenario (called “Looting the Looters”, to be posted here soon) and also ran an experienced Dwarf warband.  His wife Stacy ran Sisters of Sigmar, our friend Stamper ran Adventurers, my brother in law Mike Kingsbury ran Lizardmen, and I fielded a Bretonnian warband.

The scenario involves fighting a mess of Orcs, with the player warbands cooperating to prevent their leader from getting a pile of loot off the board.  And of course obtaining said loot for ourselves if possible.  All five of our warbands were very experienced (in the 250 to 350 warband rating range).  The Orcs were given several improvements over standard stats, and there were over a hundred of them available to drop on the board.

The table layout consisted of three new 2×4 foot grassland boards.  The North end of the table features a road coming down from mountains into a village.  The road leads down to a castle which dominates the west long end of the table.  Opposite on the East end is a murky pool surrounded by buildings (including one with walled back yard in which the leader’s Orc pack is hunting for the loot).  At the South short end of the board the roads winds through a toll house and between two hills to leave the table, with several surrounding buildings.

Before the scenario starts, the Orc horde is divided into thirteen squads. One of the squads is the boss group, which is placed in the center of the table. In this case that was a stone-walled farmhouse with upper story barn and a walled yard.  This group will remain where they are until a certain count is reached by adding the results of a single dice roll made each turn (they are searching for loot, but when they find it they will try to get it off the table).  The other thirteen packs will appear on the table during game play, as they are encountered. Twenty playing cards are placed face down in a spread around the table. Thirteen of these cards correspond to an orc squad, seven are dummies. When players get close to a card, or a card is close to an ongoing battle, there is a chance the card is turned over and corresponding Orcs are placed on the table in that location (if not a dummy card).  Any Orcs with missile weapons are allowed a free round of fire when revealed, even though it is the player turn when they are placed on the table!

Hero Turn 1

Stacy’s Sisters and my Bretonnians entered on the South side of the board, in two mixed groups. Kingsbury added about three of his Lizardmen to each of these groups.  The western-most group in the South headed for the mill.  The eastern-most group split, with Lizardmen and Bretonnian archers along with the Skink Priestess heading for a two story building to provide covering fire, and the rest headed for a large ruined building.

Stamper’s Adventurers and Michael’s Dwarves came in on the North end of the board, on the slope descending from the mountains. The rest of Kingsbury’s Lizardmen, including a Kroxigor, were in this force. All told, we had somewhere around seventy models for the forces of good!

During the shooting phase, the heroes approaching the mill in the South discovered a pack of around eight Orc warriors hiding in the building.  At the same time, a group of Orc archers, around the same number (led by Skag the Assassin, armed with a crossbow and poisoned bolts) revealed themselves from behind a screen of trees on a hill adjacent to the road.  To add to the fun, a third group of Orc warriors was observed hiding in a toll house building that straddled the road beside the hill.

Approaching the MillApproaching the Mill

Approaching the Mill01-Jan-2010 12:52, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.4, 4.9mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 250


On the North end of town, the Adventurers descending the from the mountains found a group of four Goblin archers led by two Orc archers blocking their way amongst ruins on the slope.  The Dwarf and Lizardmen group in the North found no immediate opposition, but a large group of mostly Black Orcs, however, led by the dreaded Barfgutz, were visible heading towards them from town.

Surprise missile fire from the revealed Orc archers on the hill in the South knocked down several Bretonnian henchmen, all of them within charge range of Orc warriors lurking in the mill.  The point blank shortbow fire from the Goblins in the North was brutally effective, taking out of action no less than three of Stamper’s Adventurers!

Orc archers firing from a hillOrc archers firing from a hill

Orc archers firing from a hill01-Jan-2010 12:51, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.5, 10.2mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100

Stamps and MIchael resolving combat on the mountain slopeStamps and MIchael resolving combat on the mountain slope

Stamps and MIchael resolving combat on the mountain slope01-Jan-2010 13:04, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.2, 8.2mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 320


Orc Turn 1

The newly revealed Orcs hammered home the advantage gained from their surprise missile fire.  The Goblins in the north took out a fourth Adventurer, putting Stamps’ warband in rout check territory on the first turn of the game!  Barfgutz’ Blackorcs ran towards the hated Dwarves and strange scaly green-skins they’d sighted.

In the South, the Orcs in the mill charged out and sent a Bretonnian henchmen out of action.  A second Bret henchmen, though knocked down, managed to twist and turn on the ground and somehow avoid being taken out by a charging greenskin.  The Orcs in the toll house rushed out of that building to head for mill combat.

Close-up of mill combatClose-up of mill combat

Close-up of mill combat01-Jan-2010 13:18, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.4, 4.9mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100

Orcs leap from gatehouseOrcs leap from gatehouse

Orcs leap from gatehouse01-Jan-2010 13:19, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.1, 7.3mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


Click through to the second page, below for the more of the battle report!

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