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Hero Turn 4

Three of the five hero warbands had to make rout tests this turn, and all passed easily, with the Bretonnians getting an automatic pass from the Holy Tome carried by Barnard.

During the shooting phase, Mother Ilone unleashed another soulfire in the middle of the large ruin where she was locked in combat with Goblins.  One Goblin was taken out, and two others knocked down.  The Skink Priestess, who had leaped from her covering fire perch this turn and charged an Orc beside the ruin to protect a knocked down Saurus from a charge in the Orc turn, blasted away with her Lightning Bolt and took out an Orc warrior.  One of the Skink Champions that remained behind fired with its shortbow and knocked own one of Skag’s Orcs on the hill, which a Bret archer then took out of action with his own bowshot.

In the close combat in and around the ruin, Mother Ilone stunned a Goblin, and Brother Jerome of the Brets fought a Goblin he had charged to a stalemate.    Sister Isilde, fighting beside Mother Ilone, stunned another Goblin, and Sister Jade fighting a Goblin archer on the balcony of the ruin stunned it as well.  To the side of the building, an Orc warrior was stunned by the charging Sister Orphea.  A Skink Champion that had charged alongside his Priestess failed to wound the Orc he had charged, but also dodged the return blow.  The Bret Champion Guillame ran around the other side of the building to try to reach Mother Ilone and Isilde.

Orcs outnumber heroes in the battle of the big ruinOrcs outnumber heroes in the battle of the big ruin

Orcs outnumber heroes in the battle of the big ruin01-Jan-2010 16:54, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.3, 9.1mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


Beside Skag’s hill, the heroes counter-charged the Goblin spearmen that were protecting Skag’s flank.  The Saurus Champion Mo bellowed and tore apart two Goblin spearmen of a crowd he had charged, while Sister Isabelle and a Bretonnian Henchman took a Goblin out each.  Then Kingsbury remembered the Saurus’ bite, and a third Goblin in that group went out of action down the Saurus’ gullet!  On the hill itself, desperately trying to reach Skag, the Bret captain Barnard and Augur Ilonike had charged an Orc archer each that were protecting Skag.  The success of the battle around the hill continued, as they each took their archer out of action and left Skag in an uncomfortable position indeed.

Skag's bodyguards are charged, and the Saurus finds a main couse layed outSkag’s bodyguards are charged, and the Saurus finds a main couse layed out

Skag's bodyguards are charged, and the Saurus finds a main couse layed out01-Jan-2010 16:54, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.3, 4.6mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


In the North, the Dwarf Adventurer and TrollSlayer Wee Mad Bjarne combined to take out the Orc Champion, Rokkurg PitBoss, which the Kroxigor had been toying with for turns, and the Adventurer Barbarian and Noble each took an Orc spearman out of action.  The Black Orcs in the North were now defeated, and the rest of the Dwarves and Skinks supporting them were free to advance into town.

Stunties!  Once combat finished, now they must chase down anotherStunties! Once combat finished, now they must chase down another

Stunties! Once combat finished, now they must chase down another01-Jan-2010 16:55, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.2, 8.2mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


The Adventurer warband in the center North had also almost eliminated the Orc Spearmen that had charged their line earlier as they descended from the mountain slope.  Three of the Orc spearman who were screening archers still remained.

Orc spearmen give the Adventurer heroes pauseOrc spearmen give the Adventurer heroes pause

Orc spearmen give the Adventurer heroes pause01-Jan-2010 16:54, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.2, 7.8mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


Orc Turn 4

Two new Orc units were revealed this turn.  A mixed unit of Orc archers and spearmen were observed hiding behind the walls and turrets of the castle in the center West edge of the board, directly in front of the hill battle.  Even more exciting, a mass of Sguigs and their herders erupted from the stone farmhouse that the Orc boss group had been searching furiously all these turns.  This mass of Squigs made straight for the combat on the hill.  Perhaps the purple-garbed villainous Skag and his poisonous crossbow would escape, after all!

The remaining Goblins on Skag’s flank, who were now unengaged, decided to flee to a break in a ruined castle wall behind them. Skag decided to stand and fire, confident that the charging squigs would support him.

Squig Stampede!Squig Stampede!

Squig Stampede!01-Jan-2010 17:58, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.5, 11.0mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


Despite some new Orc archers on the table, no missile wounds were inflicted on the heroes.  Skag’s crossbow bolt went astray, and similarly the archers in the turrets failed to hit a target.

In the large ruin in the South, a Goblin that had charged Guillame was taken out of action, and Sister Jade on the balcony of the building took a Goblin out.  Inside the ruin, Sister Isilde cut down yet another Goblin, but Mother Ilone was unable to do any damage.  Brother Jerome of the Brets stunned the Goblin he was facing at the entrance to the ruin.

To the side of the ruin, Sister Orphea knocked down a charging Orc, and another charging Orc failed to wound a Skink Champion.  In the North, the Adventurers continued to fight the remaining spearmen facing them.  The North end of the table was now mostly clear for the forces of the heroes to advance towards the center of town.

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