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Hero Turn 2

Goblin archers surprise the adventurer warbandGoblin archers surprise the adventurer warband

Goblin archers surprise the adventurer warband01-Jan-2010 13:04, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.7, 18.4mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 640


During the second hero turn, one new group of Orc and Goblin archers appeared in the large ruined building in the Southeast, the building being approached by a mixed group of Sisters, Lizardmen, and Bretonnians.

Heroes charging a ruined house under goblin fireHeroes charging a ruined house under goblin fire

Heroes charging a ruined house under goblin fire01-Jan-2010 13:53, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.7, 5.8mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


At both ends of the board, the heroes declared counter-charges.  The Dwarves and Lizardmen crashed into Barfgutz’ pack of orcs, his dreaded lieutenant Rakkurg Pitboss engaged by the huge Kroxigor, while Sgt. Lars BrightAxe of the Dwarves squared off against Barfgutz himself.  Bretonnians, Sisters, and Lizardmen counter-charged the Orcs from the mill.  The Adventurers sneeringly refused to route and rallied to a counter-charge against the Goblins ans Orc archers who had so hurt them the previous turn.

The matriarch of the sisters, Mother Ilone, flung a Soulfire spell at the archers in the ruined building in the southeast.  An Orc and Goblin archer each were taken out of action by this blast, with an additional couple of Goblin archers knocked down or stunned.  The Skink Priestess, leading the group providing covering fire, hurled a lightning bolt at this same group and stunned another Goblin archer.  Another Skink took an Orc archer out of action with a shortbow shot, while a Bretonnian man at arms firing from the same group knocked one of Skag’s archers down from the hill.

In the melee at the mill, Bernard, the Bretonnian Questing Knight, stunned an Orc warrior with his charge.  Sister Amber took out an Orc Sargeant, but Sister Rowan was taken out by the return strikes of an Orc warrior.  The Augur Laonike took an Orc out of action, and Garrard of the Brets and Sister Ebony combined to take another out of action.  The Saurus Champion Mo, assisting the Brets and Sisters in the mill struggle, stunned yet another Orc warrior.  One Bret henchman was taken out by orc return strikes.  The mill battle was definitely turning towards the heroes.

In the North, the Adventurers Dwarf Hero, who had elected to stay with the Dwarf warband since the Barbarian was in charge of his own warband, stunned a black orc.  Rakkurg PitBoss managed to wound the Kroxigor.  The Dwarf Lars BrightAxe returned a wound to Barfgutz, while the Dwarf Ragnar cut down one of his Black Bastards.  The Dwarf henchman Erik IronEyes took another of the Black Bastards out.  With only the wound to the Kroxigor, the Dwarves and Lizardmen were holding well against Barfgutz’ heavily armored troop.

Orcs and dwarves mix it upOrcs and dwarves mix it up

Orcs and dwarves mix it up01-Jan-2010 13:55, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.1, 7.3mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


On the mountain slope in the North, the Adventurers rallied.  Their Elf hero took a stunned Goblin out, while the Barbarian, Wizard, and Noble took out four others.  One of their henchmen knocked down one goblin and took a second out of action.  With their leaderships very high, the fact that they were in rout territory from the previous missile fire losses did not seem to be worrying them.

The barbarian takes a nap as Adventurer warband avenges itself against goblin archersThe barbarian takes a nap as Adventurer warband avenges itself against goblin archers

The barbarian takes a nap as Adventurer warband avenges itself against goblin archers01-Jan-2010 13:55, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 4.1, 7.3mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


Orc Turn 2

Several new groups of Orcs were revealed.  A group of Orc archers and Spearmen appeared in the North, at the edge of town close to the mountain slope.  A group of goblin spearmen and a group of Orc warriors  appeared in the two buildings directly behind the large ruin in the South, and headed to support the remaining Goblin archers ans spearmen still in that ruin.

During the shooting phase, only Skag’s group would cause damage.  Skag himself fired a poisoned bolt in the Bretonnian hero Gerrard, taking him out of action.  Another of his archers knocked down Sister Ebony.  The Orcs from the toll house charged into a line of Bretonnians and Sisters who has squared off to block them from joining the mill combat.  Sister Rowanne took one of these charging Orcs out of action, and Lady Isabelle of the Bretonnians fought hers to a stalemate.

Just outside the large ruin in the South, two Goblins charged Mother Ilone and Sister Isilde.  Both of the Sisters weathered the charge and took the impertinent Goblins out of action.

Sisters fight goblins outside ruined houseSisters fight goblins outside ruined house

Sisters fight goblins outside ruined house01-Jan-2010 15:24, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, 3.3, 4.6mm, 0.033 sec, ISO 100


In the North, the Dwarf and Lizardman force continued to out-fight the Black Orcs.  The Adventurer’s Dwarf took out a knocked down Black Orc, while Iron Eye and KinSlayer (one of the Dwarf Troll Slayers) both knocked down their Black Orcs.  Braggi Olafson would deliver the coup de grace to one of these knocked down Orcs.  The Adventurer’s Noble took an Orc archer out of action on the mountain slope, and a henchman at his side stunned a Goblin, who rolled down to the base of the slope.

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