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Mordheim is a miniature skirmish game published by Games Workshop in 1999. It is by far my favorite miniatures game. In the remains of a city crushed by a comet, warbands of various races and nationalities attempt to lay claim to precious wyrdstone shards – the cursed but powerful remains of the comet that destroyed the city.

My gaming pals have been playing this game since its release, and we never seem to get tired of it. There are many different warbands and scenarios to play, and the campaign rules allow your warband members to improve with each battle. Over the years we have written some of our own scenarios and rules, and links to most of that material is below.

Even though this game is now out of print, you can find all the official rules online at Games Workshop’s website, and most of the supporting materials they no longer host can also be found through some thorough web searching.  In recent years they have been issuing take down notices to sites hosting their copyrighted material, even if they no longer host it or sell it themselves, so, “shhhhhhh.”


Mordheim FIsh

Campaign Rules

  • The Vampire Hunters – by Jim Weaver.  Cooperative campaign, more Empire in Flames as it takes place near Mordheim rather than in the ruined city itself.  Player warbands ally to defend a small town from a vampire!
  • The Warpstones Belong to Us – by Jim Weaver.  Cooperative or competitive Mordheim campaign where player warbands race against Skaven to capture some particularly valuable wyrdstone shards.


Mordheim FIsh

New Warbands

  • Bretonnians Revisited by Michael Weaver.  We enjoyed playing the originally published version for many years, but this rework by Michael gives them a little more balance and a lot of additional flavor.
  • The Free Brotherhood by Michael Weaver.  This alternative Pirate warband contains a wide mix of races.
Mordheim FIsh

New Scenarios

  • The Restless Dead, by Michael Weaver. This scenario if primarily for solo or cooperative play, with each warband searching buildings on the table independently and finding loot or undead.
  • Escape from Mordheim, by Jim Weaver (modifications by Michael). Yet another undead scenario (can you ever have enough?). This one is for multiple players playing cooperatively. Their warbands are scattered across the board, with undead entering the board every turn, and the object is to escape with their lives!
  • The Lost Chest, by Michael Stamps (with contributions by Michael and Jim Weaver). In my opinion, a vastly improved version of the “Hidden Treasure” scenario in the original Mordheim rules. A number of possible treasure chest locations are marked on the board – only one of the locations is the real one. Each player knows a few of the locations that are false. Mayhem ensues.
  • The Rat Race, by Jim Weaver. A number of Giant Rats have run off with a pile of loot in a rather gastronomical way.
  • A Stake in Time Saves Ryan, by Jim Weaver. A Priest of Morr is attempting to stake four new vampires all on his own, while the daddy vampire comes to their aid from across the board. Player warbands can choose from multiple goals.
  • Bug Hunt, by Michael Stamps. Mordheim meets Aliens. Not for the faint of heart.
  • Looting the Looters, by Micheal weaver.  Team up your warbands to stop a band of Orcs from getting a wagon full of loot loaded and off the table.
Mordheim FIsh

New Rules and Supplements

  • Undead Stats for Scenarios, by Jim Weaver. Since we tend to use undead frequently in our scenarios, this is a reference sheet for their Mordheim stats. We’ve included a few Warhammer undead types that may be toned down a bit for Mordheim. This is still a work in progress.
  • Mordheim Post Game Chart, by Michael Weaver. Now published on the Specialist Games Mordheim site! Good work, Michael!  Actually, Specialist Games Mordheim fan-published material is sadly nor more, but this link now goes to TableTop Geeks, who are hosting all of SGs past Mordheim content.
  • Army Builder 3 Files for Mordheim, by Michael Kingsbury.  It didn’t seem that anyone had provided new army builder files for Mordheim that included anything other than the originally published warbands, so Michael K. took a stab at it.
  • The Dwarven Double-Barreled Pistol, by Jim Weaver.  A new weapon for Dwarf Treasure Hunters.

  12 Responses to “Mordheim”

  1. Haha some of those scenarios are hilarious. i’ll definitely be trying some of them out. This is a great pile of resources! Thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks Ashton! We visit your site regularly, so glad to return the favor. We have a lot more scenarios that we’ve been too lazy to write up – hopefully we’ll get more of them online before the end of the year.

  3. This is the best over-campaign ruleset I’ve found for Mordheim itself, especially the movement section. We’ve begun using it locally -my comments and our additions can be found at – thanks for creating these rules!

  4. Thanks! We are still playing that campaign; we’re about 60% through it at this point. We’ve made some tweaks that aren’t in the online document yet that I’ll get to you (and hopefully update the doc soon). I’ll get you my email address if you have questions or tweaks.

  5. Will try next time the restless dead :)



  6. We’ve started many a warband using the restless dead as the first scenario. It has the potential to get you a lot of exp. And the potential to slaughter you like sheep :-)

    Jim. Where are all the other scenarios we had? i no longer have copies.

  7. Greetings from Poland. These are the best campaings I’ve read and I’ll be using it with our Polish modification of Mordheim – Warheim. It’ll go great with my terraclips sets :)

    Keep up the good work !! (and files 😉 )

  8. Hi Jim,

    Big fan of the sight. Especially the Vampire Hunters campaign reports. We have a dedicated Mordheim group here, and are beginning preparations to run Vampire Hunters with 4 warbands. I was wondering if I would be able to get in touch with you over e-mail with some questions.


  9. I think you all have some great campaigns and scenarios here. I can tell that a lot of work was put into doing this. I have been playing Mordheim since 2005. Little did I know that was pretty much the time Games Workshop stopped supporting it. It is nice to see people like you are keeping the game and story alive. I actually ran a campaign using a simplified version of your “The Warpstones Belong To Us.” It ended up being a lot of fun, so thanks very much for the inspiration! You have done a campaign involving skaven, undead, and even some orc bandits now. Have you ever thought about doing a campaign having the Cult of the Possessed as the villain?



    • Hi Dean! Thanks for the kind words! Mordheim has definitely been my gaming pals’ favorite game for the past thirteen years. We’ll get into other games for awhile, and always seem to return to it. Regarding Possessed / Chaos – yes, many times. We’ve always thought the variety of forces of Chaos were a bit under-represented in the official Mordheim content, and there are awesome models to be had to represent such a wide range for not only the COP but other Chaos forces. It may be a couple of years before we do another type of Mordheim campaign, but that would be good subject matter. For the moment, we’re in a distraction period, looking at Bolt Action and also having a lot of fun with X-Wing tabletop starfighter game.

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