Feb 072010

We have been playing lot of the “A Touch of Evil” adventure boardgame by Flying Frog Productions lately.  Here is a mini-campaign I created for it this weekend.  We’ve won it once, and it worked fairly well.  Click though to learn about The Scarlet Cabal!

You can view the mini-campaign rules here:  The Scarlet Cabal

A Touch of Evil is a great horror-themed adventure boardgame set in early America.  It plays very quickly and is easy to pick up, and seems like it would be a great game to include your non-gaming friends for a game or two.  We play with two expansions, Something Wicked and Hero Pack One, but this mini-campaign would work with the basic game if you use Investigation or something else for Resolve Tokens.

This mini campaign involves fighting three Villains in sequence, with the Shadow Track not being reset between games.  You are trying to prevent Town Elders from joining the Scarlet Cabal (I love doing that).  The more Elders that join the Cabal, the harder the game gets.  Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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  1. do the Villains get any extra wounds? in a regular cooperative mode, the Villain gets it’s wounds multiplied by the number of players.

    • Hi Eddy.

      Yes, we were using that rule.

      We played this campaign twice and it worked pretty well. I had some other ideas for tweaks but we got caught up with some other games and haven’t gotten back to it!

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